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Time to contribute. (f)


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Merry meet.


I was blessed with the opportunity during my weekend... get-together. My friends and myself (three other guys and two girls) were all sitting around the local Elementary school (there's really nothing to do in Waverley Nova Scotia), drinking... water, yeah, water. And smoking.... oregano! Sure, why not?

Anyway, those details don't matter.

Our friend Kate, (she's small, about 5'3, 125 pounds, short dark brown hair, nice rounded figure... I think she's gorgeous :D ) had just passed the oregano to me, and tried to inhale the smoke through her nose from her mouth, called a french inhale.

I was blessed when right after trying, she turned her head away and sneezed four times, high-pitched and feminine. (I'm not going to attempt to spell the sound, I'm awful at it)

mmmm... ~daydreams~

~shakes head~ Sorry.

Anyway, there you have it, my contribution for this week.

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Oregano is a herb. It is a dark green, and has it's own unique, spicy scent. Most use it to season pizza and certain italian concoctions.

I don't smoke Oregano, as it is not for smoking. When smoked it tastes vile and stinks.

I was using the word "Oregano" to represent what we were really smoking, as I didn't know whether or not I'd be permitted to talk about things of that nature on here.

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:D prob. might be best not to. :D I realize that "oregano" is legal in some countries, but is not in others. thanks for being cautious :D

*chuckle* now you're making me hungry for Italian food-- looks up place that will deliver calzones.

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Crushed Roses--

lol! I didn't get the oregano reference at first either. Now I'm wondering what water means! Great obs.


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You can talk about drugs if you want to. It doesn't bother me, anyway. Not sure what Hypnos will think about it, but I don't really care and while I don't use drugs myself and have no desire to, I don't really care if other people use them or not.

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ok... that is fine. :lol: Actually I didn't know what you'd think Bondi- not in terms of drugs (I know that you wouldn't condemn somebody for using 'em), but didn't know if it could be openly referred to if the activity was illegal.

:lol::lol: Feel like a doink. :lol: If you are fine with it- that is fine by me. Besides am Far too cautious sometimes

*thinks that she needs to go out and get some "fruity water" :lol: and loosen up* :lol::lol:

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I think drugs should be okay. If he were posting bomb-making recipes or stuff about child porn or stuff like that, I might be a bit concerned, but hopefully him talking about smoking weed won't be a problem. I post on other message boards where people openly admit to using drugs and there aren't any problems for that, so I think we should be okay. Of course, if Hypnos has any problems with it, then obviously we'll go with what he says. :lol:

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