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Great restaurant observation (F)


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Saw a woman (32ish, beautiful, sorta a Debra Messing thing going on) in a restaurant at lunch.

I was standing in the bar and she was sitting five feet from me at a table. I was looking in her direction (my sneeze-dar must have been working) when I saw her take her white cloth napkin from her lap and hold it between her hands in ready-to-sneeze position. Her mouth was slightly open. Then she turned to her right, directly towards where I was standing and for about 8 seconds had the BEST pre-sneeze expression.

She covered her nose and mouth with the napkin using both hands (traditional style) and sneezed a cough like sneeze...sorta like heh-cuh sound. She kept the napkin covering her nose and mouth and let out four more....kuh...kuh....kuh....heh-kuh. She then used the napkin to massage her nostrils with her index fingers and she was done. Delighful.

What was interesting is that while she was sneezing (between each sneeze) she looked at me...looking at her...but somehow, I didn't care. Our eyes locked...very interesting.


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