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Newbies, read this please

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Okay, this isn't a law or anything like that. However, from time to time newbies (or maybe people who aren't so new might post threads along the lines of: "Who is your favorite sneezer on Bondi's Wav Page?" These kinds of threads generally aren't popular, so therefore I should warn you ahead of time that its not going to win you any friends and will probably get peopple upset with you. If you like someone's wavs, then by all means, post about it in the Kudos section. That's what the section is for, no one will have a problem with you doing that, and people like that sort of thing. :drool: However, problems start to arise when you start comparing someone's wavs to someone else's in a way that says one person's wavs are better than someone else's, etc. Also, problems arise when you ask people to list their favorite wavs of all time or a top ten list of the best sneezers. I realize that you might not mean any harm in such a post, but people don't take to it very well, and some people might take their wavs down because of it; therefore, I strongly discourage these kinds of posts from being made in the first place. So in short: Complimenting individual wavs is good; starting popularity contests, comparisons, and top ten lists is bad.

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