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Thursdays and Lucky People (male obs)

Empathic Mystery

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Most weeks, on Thursdays, I go to the Campus Center at my Uni and hang out with that weird group of friends (including Zachasaurus, the Dinosaur Man I mentioned). Today, Sean was there. He happens to be the older brother of one of my close (but eccentric) friends. She won't let me anywhere near him because she's convinced that he's fragile and needs to be protected from "the masses." It's rather funny, because he's 21 and she's 18, and she won't let him have hardly any friends. However, she's not around at my Uni because she's still in high school, so I get a chance to see Sean. Yay!

Anyways, he's about 6'3, with reddish-brown hair and blue-green eyes. Rather skinny, but strong. He was sitting at a table with a friend, talking to me about politics, when he paused and sneezed into a closed fist, a semi-wet, rather strong "Heh-ISHHH!!" that bent him over in his seat. He half-straightened, then sneezed again, into his fist, this time without the "heh" so that it was only an "ISHHHH!!" type sound. I blessed him and he smiled, then went on with his sentence. Very sexy. :lol:

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Guest MistyRain

Very nice :lol:

I always think it's neat when a person sneezes and then goes on with whatever they were doing like nothing happened and are completely clueless of how much secret enjoyment I just got from seeing them sneeze.... :lol:

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