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A Cold Night at Cheers (F)

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Guest junlei

Sam walks into the bar and says "Hello, Everybody". "Hey, Sam, How was your date with Stacey Wilson?" "Fine, We are going out again tonight" replied Sam. About ten minutes later, Diane walks into the bar. She coughs and says "My throat is a little scratchy." "Sounds like your coming down with something, Diane" says Sam. "I am not!" angrily replies Diane.

Norm says that Diane's glands look swollen. Diane receives an order for table fourteen. She carries over two glasses of scotch and a glass of gin. Her nose started to tickle. "Are you alright?" asked the customer. "I'm fine…Thanks" replied Diane. The sneeze went away. Diane brings a glass of beer to Cliff. The urge to sneeze returned to her nostrils. She hands the beer to Cliff. "HA-SHOO!" "Excuse me, Cliff!" Diane was embarrassed by her sneeze walks in the back room sniffling into a tissue.

Fraiser walks in the back room. As he enters she sneezes "HA-SHOO!" "HA- SHOO!" " I am sick!" Diane blows her nose. "Why don't you go home? I'll give you a ride." "No! I am going to work with this stupid cold". Diane was fine for the next thirty minutes. She sniffled moderately.

"Hey, Rudolph your out at the wrong time of the year." Said Carla. "HA-SHOO!" sneezes Diane. Diane realizes that she would probably sneeze throughout the night. She thought about she could of caught this stupid cold. "I Caught this cold from Melissa Mason. I just know it!" She carried an order to table thirty one. He nose tickled furiously. AH AH AHHHHHH went Diane. As she placed the first glass of scotch on the table, "HA-SHOO!" sneezed Diane thunderously. She spilled the drinks all over the customer's jacket. "I am not going to survive this night!!!" Said Diane as she walked into Sam's Office.

Diane has just dropped drinks all over customers…Her cold was worse then she thought. Sam had to send her to his office. “I have a cold.” Said Diane. Diane is sniffling and blowing. Fraiser offers again to take Diane home again. “No, I want to continue.” “You can’t go on sneezing drinks all over everyone.” Replied Fraiser. Meanwhile, outside Sam’s office, Carla was talking with Sam. “Diane really has a cold, huh…” asks Carla. “I want you to be nice to her. She does not feel well.” Asks Sam.

Diane comes out from the office. As soon as she touches the doorknob to close it from the outside, The urge to sneeze returns. She keeps some Kleenex near her. “AHHHHH!!!” “HA-SHOO!!” Diane sneezes. She walks out into the bar and she receives an order to deliver to table three. She brings it to the table….She coughs when she receives there. “Hey, Ms. Chambers, May I speak to you?” a customer asks. “Certainly!” She walks over to the table and sits down. “HA-SHOO!”. Diane sneezes. Diane fans her face trying to avoid a double sneeze, but Fails. “HA-SHOO!” “God Bless you!” replied the customer to Diane’s sneezes.

"How did you catch such a cold, Ms. Chambers?" said the customer. "It all started with my old high school friend Melissa Mason. We were both in the library doing some research on Beethoven. I was assisting her since she is in college. Excuse me for a minute" "HA-SHOO" Diane sneezes. "She did not feel very well that night. I have to get back to work."

About a half hour later, a prominent local politician, John Tival, walks in and orders drinks for his entire group. Diane is given the order. She has just blown her nose and it is redder than ever now. Diane has a coughing fit as she walks near the table. Her nose starts to tingle. "Don't sneeze!" shouts, Sam. Sam rushes over to put his finger under her nose to prevent Diane's Most powerful sneeze yet. "I am not going to sneeze." Sam releases his finger. "AHHHHHHHHH…..SHOOOOOOOO!" Diane drops the plate full of drinks all over the politician. Diane ran in the backroom not realizing that she had also sneezed on his secretary as well, Ms. Joanne Briggs.

Diane went home. Fraiser drove her home. As she left, She had a bad sneezing fit. "HA-SHOO" "HA-SHOO" "HA-SHOO" "HA-SHOO". She blew her nose in the car. Fraiser gave her some cold medicine. "I hate having a cold." Said Diane to Fraiser in his car. "Your sick!!" "HA-SHOO" "HA-SHOO" "I know" Diane went into her apartment and went to bed.

"I hope I will feel better soon!!" Asked Diane. "You will!!" replied Fraiser.

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That was great! You should write more stories!!!  :smitten:

I agree whole-heartedly that was a really great story! my favorite part was when diane sneezes and spills the drinks on the politicians :lol: the only thing funnier would have been if they had been doctors :!: I hate doctors! :oops: unless they're retired

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