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self obs - monstrous head cold + allergy! (female)

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Guest kandy_says

I never usually get sick, it's just my allergies that get me, but I caught this terrible cold, yesterday from walking 40 minutes in the rain: no umbrella nor hat, and then abruptly falling asleep with my still wet clothes and hair. To make matters worse, I had left the window wide upon, where the rain storm was still occurring! I woke up shivering harshly, my nose itching as it twitched , I sniffed in the cold air around me which made my nose tickle in the back, I stifled a few "etTCH!!---uh('s).." and then: "ah...ahH..AHH ....het-CHOOOOO!!!!". My body shuddered as I was jolted forwards with each sneeze, there were about 13 of those. There was no kleenex in site, so I staggered barefoot, still sneezing, through the freezing halls, which wasn't doing any good for my nose.

Still no kleenex. There was only one other place, and that was the attic. I stumbled blindly up the wooden stairs, and as I reached the top: the film of dust on the loft floors seeped through my nostrils and it just nearly killed me! My allergy sneezes are much different then my cold sneezes, so the mix between the two was just deadly. The default heavy buildup was gone, because there were too many sneezes coming on! "HASHHOOOO!!! Et-CHEWWWW!!!!!" "ET-CHOOOOOOO!!!". I needed to sniff but each time I did more dust and more cold air would enter my nostrils, and I kneeled down sneezing ferociously into the cup of my hands.

Fortunately my friend heard me, and rescued me by grabbing the kleenex box and blowing my nose. "You all right?" He asked sympathetically, holding my quivering body. "I...I...et-CHEW!!! huh... huH...eTCH!!! uh... *sniff*" I hope he didn't catch my cold.

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