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Crazy allergic sneezing fit - male about age 19


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I was working as a cashier a tourist attraction gift shop and a large group of people came through - about 15 students around ages 18-20. Anyhow, there was this boy about age 19 - cute with brown hair kind of hanging down into his eyes wearing baggy clothing. Anyways, he came into the gift shop and began sneezing. He definately had some kind of allergy because he sort of wandered around the gift shop with his friends, sneezing like Haaa-Choo. Haa-Choo. HAA-CHOO. In triples. Over and over again about every few minutes. Each time he sneezed his hair moved off his face and then with the expelling of the air the hair went back over his eyes. He was really sniffling a lot and seemed a little embarrassed and perplexed about what was happening. He went outside for a bit and came back in, still sneezing, sniffling and rubbing his eyes. His eyes were watering and red. It was amazing. He just tried to kind of ignore his sneezing. He seemed like he might've been a quiet type of person as he wasn't really talking to his friends, more just walking around sneezing with his head kind of down and hair in his eyes. I didn't talk to him but it was probably the best sneezing observation of my life. The poor guy must've sneezed at like 100 times!

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Aii, I so would have tackled him. How amazingly adorable!! *swoon* You're so lucky!! Thank you for taking the time to type up the obs. :) Oh, and welcome to the board. :D


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