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2 months of obs (m) some long


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Sorry all for not posting lately but I have seen some very good male observations that I need to share. I feel an obligation when a good looking guy sneezes to share the observation amongst other sneeze lovers like myself.

First, observation was about 2 months ago. I was walking down the street. A guy and his girlfriend were walking down the street. I would put their age at 23 or 24. Anyway, as he was going to go into a brand new club he got the look and went "HHHHAAAASCCHUUUUU". He paused and then did another "HHHHAAAASSHHUUU" and then he paused again and did another "HHHAAASSSHUUU". He had very loud sneezes. After another 10 secound break, he did another "HHHHAAASSHUUUU". He sneezed every time into cusped hands because he obviously wanted to be a gentleman to his girlfriend. Anyway, I remember him shaking his head. He noticed I was gawking, I was trying to not gawk but I just couldnt and he said somebody is looking at me. His girlfriend then immediately went into a kiss-fest with the guy. He was a skinny 23 or 24 year old, shaved head, 5 foot 10 and skinny (145-150 lbs). I seen the guy and girlfriend walking around later that night and he was wiping his nose.

2nd observation was when I was reading a magazine in a store this guy (mid 20s, brown hair, 220 lbs and 5'11 or so) let out 2 sneezes and then 30 secounds let out 2 sneezes again after that. For a total of 4 sneezes in a row.

My third observation was from a block away. These guys were conversing outside a bar and talking. I noticed how hot one of the guys was with the big nose and short hair, he was in his mid 20s about 5 foot 10 and 165-170 lbs. Anyway, I looked the other direction and into the boring weekday air I start hearing SSSHHHHHH. I turned around at that moment and heard another SSSSHHH. I focused my eyes on that hot dude I was hoping would sneeze, who was the best looking one of the bunch. He did another three sneezes SSSHHHH SSSHHHH SSSHHHHH. Very wet sneezes. I heard somebody in the crowd say "Thats five in a row". It sure was and five sneezes I was very thankful too hear also!! :winkkiss:

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mmmmm, I love male obs! And those sound particularly yummy! Thanks so much for sharing them!!

Ha Ha, I forgot to mention ... that's pretty funny how the guy in the first obs saw you watching him, and it's even funnier that his jealous girlfriend so insecurely started playing tonsil tennis with him!

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