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2 short obs from tonight


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I am not trying to make a habit of posting single sneeze observations but these guys who sneezed tonight were in incredibly hot so I am just going to have to make an exception to the rule tonight.

One of the college athletes was standing in line with his girlfriend (she just seemed like nah-nah-nah I am going out with a hot football player type) to go into the bar. Anyway, he raised his large cusped hands (he was 21 or 22, 6 foot and 200 lbs) with a very muscular build and dark brown eyes and hair. Just incredibly hot :winkkiss: football player. Anyway, he cusped his hands and sneezed very loud just once.

Later in the night, I saw a skinny dude who looked like a model. Even better looking then the football player was outside talking. Anyway, this early 20s and 6 foot 1 and 170 lb dark haired guy with a big nose sneezed very loud and I at the same time I saw something on the television I wanted to see. My ears were just 6" or so away from his nose when he did that sneeze. It was into cusped hands and HAAAA-MMMPPPHHHH like sound. Even though it was just once, I am in a state of bliss knowing such a attractive guy would sneeze 6" away from me. His nose was big also which I like and it was very elongated from the side.

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