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So here I am. With my laptop. Sitting outside. Some annoying dogs are freakin' barking. Suddenly, I had to sneeze. I put the laptop on the table, walked around till I found a good place, where the sun is quite strong, and let out a Hack-bouuuuuuuuuuuuuvvv. *Slurp Slurp* Pretty disgusting, I know. The dogs instantly stopped barking. One of them looked at me funny for a few seconds, then continued to bark, the little bitch! Picked up a tissue, wiped my little mustache :laugh:, which had some after-sneeze residue on it, and sat down to write this.

Hope y'all enjoyed this.

P.S The dogs are still barking by the way! :winkkiss:


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Ha Ha ... you scared the DOGS!!!! Oh, that's great! Bless you all the same baby ...

That's cute. Bless you Enzo. You probably did scare the dogs. I've scared my rabbit. :laugh:

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So darn adorable! Bless you! Thanks for such a wonderful obs! I love it when photic sneezers have to run for the sun or a light to sneeze! You photic sneezers are just so cute!

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