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Yep, a sneezy day by all means


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So, between all my moodspells and work, I seem to have had a pretty good Sunday. Normally, Sunday is a work day here, but due to a holiday I had it off, god I love long weekends. To celebrate the event, we had a BBQ, my family and a friend of the family and his kids.

The guys' daugher, Jordan (for once, I don't mind writing a full name down :winkkiss: ) she's pretty young, 15 if I'm no mistaken. She's really pretty, in fact, for the first 15 seconds I saw her, I spun myself to a really awkward state since I actaully was checking her out a bit (and felt SO uncomfortable with that cause she's really just a kid). Anyway, I haven't seen her in what must have been a really long time, since I didn't remember her at all (her father normally shows up with his younger daugher or on his own). And anywho, she's a cutie, long brown flowing hair, really cute face.

We're sitting in the back yard, BBQing... eating... and a bit out of the blue Jordan covers her mouth and nose and sneezes a quick "Ahhhu" kind of throaty and rather quiet, I don't remember if I blesser her or not (and if I did, it must have been really quiet), I didn't notice if anyone else did either. She then leaned towards her father who was sitting to her right and commented quietly "I've had this cold for a few days now..." as if to justify the sneeze.

Later on today I went to see some friends, one of my highschool friends is joining the army (something we've all already done and finished with, she just went to get a first degree BEFORE her service at the expense of the army in return for doing more time) So, we decided to give her a farewell goodluck sort of thing.

It was an OK event, food was fab, and the company was also nice, since I haven't seen the majority of them in a while (but between you and I, I like my other group of friends better, but shh, don't tell!). Anyway we were at S's house (and this might get confusing, because everyone's names start with S...) and her parents and sister returned home from well, from wherever, I have no idea. They stopped by the yard (where we lurked) said their hellos and then went upstairs. Shorly after I heard a really big loud "HAA-KASHHH" and eeh, I'm not sure if it was her mom or her dad... probably her dad. But it was way loud since we heard it all the way downstairs and outside.

Sneezes 3 and 4 came from the same sneezer. Another friend whose name starts with S, was sitting to my right. She's a doll she is, so cute. Shoulder length brown-redish hair, green eyes, and something about her waist and figure reminds me of a pair (which is a compliment) plus she has really nice breasts :laugh: After a pretty long while of sitting and talking and drinking and eating (yeay me! I had a whole glass of red wine, I feel so accomplished since I haven't really developed the capacity to enjoy wine...) S starts sniffling. Sniffling a lot. Like, really sniffly :laugh: So she's sitting there, sniffling... sniffling.. sniffling.. for like.. 20 minutes? which is also enough to drive me wild, since sniffling is cute.

Eventually sniffly over here, raises a fist to her face and sneezes "hEtshoo" (the oo part was really short but it did end like that methinks) then she froze for a second and raised both her hands in prayer position to cover and let out another "hee'shoo". She normally sneezes doubles or triples, and I was a bit surprised to see her first sneeze into her fist, and only later get both hands, since she also always sneezes into both hands in prayer position. She has a really nice pre-sneeze expression, her eyes shut slowly and she moves her head back a bit as she inhales... I wish I had better words to describe it since there's something very.... well... it's just one of those obvious slow-motion pre-sneeze expression and it stays between sneezes, you can just see her waiting for the next one, cause she knows there is a next one. Her sneeze itself isn't a very strong or loud, but it's got a certain presnece, though I think she sometimes wishes it didn't. I blessed her, she thanked me. She then continued to sniffle, but less than before.

All in all, a sneezy day so it seems.

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