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Guy in French Class

Guest Clare

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The other day (I think Thurseday) this really cute guy in my French class was scratching his head. He has sort of reddish brown hair, golden brown eyes, a straight nose and a really great body. So he was scratching the back of his head and all of a sudden I hear:

"heh..." so of course my head shoots foward :laugh: and I see him go "he-chhh!" in his shoulder, his hand never leaving the back of his head. It was sort of weird how he just sneezed into his shoulder with his arm there....I don't know. I'm being weird. But he did the same 'he-chhh!" the next day into the crook of his elbwow and I was strangely disappointed... :laugh: Ah...I am so weird!!!!! :winkkiss:

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