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Guest Roonil Wazlib

At the beginning of August, I went to a youth camp in the rocky mountians, and i witnessed some totally amazing sneeziness.

One guy in particular stands out. I'm pretty sure he was fifteen years old, and a good three inches shorter than me, but really cute anyway, with blonde hair, wide eyes and a somewhat large but goodlooking nose. He had allergies, which I know because every morning when the counsellors called out for people to come and get their medication, he made a big thing about taking his allergy medicine... he was sort of a clown.

Anyway, he sneezed a lot. Any time I'd be like 'hey, i really wish someone would sneeze', suddenly there he'd be with a set of usually two or three sneezes. They were always violent, but not in the loud way, just like "Esshhhhoo!" with the cute little head bob and mutting to himself afterwards :)

He was in my 'color group', so I hung out with him a lot, and there was one supper that we had to eat with all our hands tied together. So he was right beside me, my hand attached to his with a peice of fabric. And We all have to get up because he wants to get a glass of juice, and we're all attached together. So we're just all bumping into things and such, and we're waiting in line for juice, and his arm jerks at mine (it hurt), and he turns away and sneezes, completely open, because he has no hands that aren't attached to someone else's.

I bless him, and he says thanks, but then sneezes three more times, I bless him again and again and again. He rolls his eyes, says thanks again, and then sneezes twice more! I can feel the jerking of his body with each sneeze, since his arm is attached to mine, and I"m going completely crazy! The guy on the other side is making fun of him, as he proceeds to sneeze something like fifteen times in the time we're standing waiting for juice. I honestly thought I would die, drowning on my own drool.

That was the only big sneeze fit I saw from him, but I had the pleasure of witnessing dozens of doubles and triples; every time he sneezed, I'd bless him, and he's say all cute and embarrassed, 'thanks'. I fell in love. :)

Anyway, there's my obs, long, yes, and a month or two late, but here nonetheless... :)

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Whoa, I would love to be tied to someone having a fit like that! Sneesee's jealous! :cryhappy: Wow, really loved this obs, thank you so much for sharing it with us!

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