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Airplane sneezes


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Well i was on my way home from North Carolina. i spent rosh hashanah(a jewish holiday) with my family. anyway i was on the airplane i let witnessing people around me sneezing. so many people sneeze on airplanes that i just get excited. also i was listening to some wavs on my ipod which didnt help the situation at all. i felt really uncomfortable getting up and going to the bathroom to fix the problem so i tried to get off by puuting pressure up against me but it didnt work and i was soo mad at this point like i was getting really wet and i was like about to combust. anyway i suck at these but i thought i would share.

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I know exactly what you mean, jaylinc! The last two times I was on a plane, it was like a haven for a chorus of sneezes! My trip to Massachusetts got me some nice ones. Planes are definitely good for obs! Only, I didn't have my iPod then, so I couldn't make myself any more uncomfortable like you did! :P

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Torture torture ^.^ I like that! :twisted:

I think I myself don't fly often enough (no real surprise there...) :P but shana tova, what a good way to start ze year :D

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Is there a lot of sneezing on airplanes? I've read fics about people who sneeze at the air pressure change but I've read (and written) fics about people who sneeze at all kinds of bizarre, outrageous stimuli. I've never noticed much sneezing on planes; in fact I can't specifically remember ever hearing a single one. Of course I rarely fly; maybe one round trip every other year, though it's been picking up a bit lately.

Anyway, thanks for sharing, sorry it was so frustrating, I can relate.

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