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The Morning After

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Guest sneezy77

This is my first sneeze fic, and it is loosely based off an actual experience of mine. Enjoy!!!


"i ...i ... shoo!!!"

Karen heard a sneeze come from the bedroom. She had been awake for about 15 minutes trying to make herself look good for James. She and James had recently started dating, and even more recently started sleeping together. This was the first morning they were waking up together, and she had hoped to climb back into bed looking fresh before James awoke. As soon as she heard him sneeze she scurried out of the bathroom back into the bedroom.

There was James, all curled up in the blanket, still half asleep. She climbed underneath the covers and wrapped her arms around James. He pulled her closer to him ~ Karen felt so warm and comfortable. She nuzzled her face into the back of his neck and felt James tense up a little bit before his whole body shook.

"Ishooo! ... uh ... ishoo! ... i ... i ... ishhooo! ishoo!"

"Bless you, James," Karen said softly. He just pulled her in tighter, knowing he had a long way to go before he stopped sneezing. He was glad she was holding him and not the other way around. He felt so safe and warm with her. But he knew his Fall allergies were kicking in, and he was always a mess in the mornings. The pollen counts were at an all time high for August, and James had no intention of spending the night with Karen, but she was so lovely last night ...

"CHOO! ... uh, ah, ah ... CHOO! Choo! Choo! Choo!"

"Goodness! Bless you, James. Are you feeling all right?"


The thing is, James felt just right. He didn't want to leave this moment of laying in her arms. He knew he was going to keep sneezing, but he didn't care. He felt another sneeze coming on.

"Yes, Karen, I, uh .. ishoo!"

His head pulled back again, "ishHOO!" and again, "i ... ishoooo!" and again, "ISHHOO!!"

Karen was concerned. She had been dating James for about a month now and she rarely heard a sneeze out of him. This was totally out of the ordinary. She started to feel bad leaving the window open last night, and began to move away from James to close the window.

"No, No!" James flipped over and pulled Karen back towards him as he sneezed again.

"But James, I should close the window."

James stifled a sneeze in his shoulder and tried very hard to hold his sneezes for the moment.

"I am so sorry Karen. I never thought to mention my allergies. I did not expect to spend the night when I knew ... Choo! ... how bad I am in the morning. I just really ... ISHOOO! ... wanted to lay here with you this morning. I ..."

James pulled his head to the side, feeling a small fit coming on ...

"Choo, choo, choo, choo, choo ... i ... ish ... IshHOOOO! Ishooo!!"

He pulled his head back up and looked at Karen with his red eyes, and sniffed. Karen looked into his eyes with compassion and affection. She leaned over his body and grabbed the box of tissues from her nightstand. She, too, wanted to lay in bed with James, but couldn't bare to see him so miserable. As she pulled out the first tissue, she managed to get it out in time to catch him next sneeze. And his next. And each sneeze that followed. They lay there facing one another ~ James with a ball of tissues, sneezing the rest of the hour they laid there together. But Karen didn't mind. She adored James ... and each and every sneeze.

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Mmmm, yes. :P A bit short and rough-drafty from the look of it, but definitely cute. VERY cute! Mmmm, sneezy guys in the morning :twisted:

Keep writing, hun, looks as though it's your thing all right.

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Yes, cute! Who doesn't want an adorable, sneezy guy in the morning? Will there be more to this story, perhaps? :P

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ooh wow! i really like this little fic! I know its been a while since the last post but when i ran across this i just had to show my appreciation for the story :D

I would love to wake up next to a sneezy lover *sigh*

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