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The call from my hubby- A male obs he told me about


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So, my hubby always calls me every day around lunchtime just to chat. Today, we goofed around a little, me pretending I am some girl he wants to meet up with, and him pretending he doesn't want his "wife" to find out. Yes, it's a little game he and I like to play! :) Anyway, after we were done joking around, he said, "Hey, Jon is here and I thought of you." I asked him why, other than the fact that he seems to think I would find Jon hot. Jon is the glass guy that is in another observation I wrote a few months back where my hubby saw him almost sneeze, and then they talked about when you have to sneeze but can't.

So, hubby said to me, "Jon just let out a couple of good ones, and I thought of you."

Here's me: :) "Let out what?"

"Sneezes, duh," he said.

I said, "Oh really? Just one?"

He laughed, "No, a couple."

My next question, "Were they good ones?"

He laughed again and said, "I think you would like them."

"Were they loud?"

"No, not really loud, but kind of deep."

"So, you think I would've liked them?"

"Yeah, I know you would have."

"Thanks for sharing."

"Anytime. Like I said, I thought of you."

"So, are you inviting him to our Halloween Party? You have to now, and I'll bring the sneezing powder."

That got a nice laugh, but I was being serious. I mean, I am going to be a French Maid, and I plan on putting a little something extra on my feather duster. :cryhappy:

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You two are cute! :cryhappy: My husband and I work for the same company, and we have an instant messenger program that we use to randomly blab at each other. He likes to message me to inform me when either he or someone else in his area sneezed. My favorite is when he's the one who sneezed, because he sends a message that simply says "Bless me." And then I'm all :) gawsh...

Take pictures of yourself in the french maid outfit! I bet you'll be the hottest chica at the party. :)

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I mean, I am going to be a French Maid, and I plan on putting a little something extra on my feather duster. :P

YOU are a genius, the evil sort :twisted: that just seriously made me laugh, a lot, and I think it's brilliant! *jumps around excitedly* I mean, what an upgrade! uniform AND sneezing *kisses you on the mouth* beautiful! :D

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XD Lord, I'd love to see some pictures of that Hallowe'en party. You in a dainty little white apron and a black minidress with a feather duster... :twisted: ...Ahem. La di da! :innocent:

But your husband is sweet :D Looks as though he's well on his way to realizing how much fun this fetish really is! Lucky you :P

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Awe! Sneesee! You're adorable! I think that game you and your husband play is too cute.

I, too would LOVE to see pictures of this Halloween party! Keep us posted!

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Wonderful news! Your husband has really come round, and you are really sharing the fetish now.

Nice angle on it from VfP too - loved that!

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