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Tall blonde college guy with big nose sneezes


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I was outside walking when this guy who I have seen alot at the bars (I never talked to him) was sitting down. I saw him itch his nose and I immediately decided to take a seat on the bench about 20 feet away, I pretended to read a free flyer just to look like I wasn't gawking at his perfectly shaped and somewhat large itching nose :twisted: . This guy has a perfect nose in everyway, in fact I think this guy is one of the most attractive guys ive ever seen in my life. He is in his early 20s, about 195 lbs and about 6 foot 2 and blonde with a big nose. Anyway, I was turned in the other direction for just a few secounds. When I hear a very, very loud HHHHHAAAAAKKKSCCCHUUUUU. I immediately turn around and see him sneeze another very loud HHHAAAAKKKSSSHSUUUUU and then a third HHHHAAAAKKKKSHHUUUU.

It was amazing seeing this tall and solidly built guy just completely taken aback by not one, not two but three amazing sneezes :P . Whats amazing is this guy is very, very shy so I am sure he tried to control the volume on his sneezes but the itch in his perfect just wouldnt a low volume on his sneeze.

Another thing is after his three powerful sneezes was he had no sniffling or anything. Just a few sniffs before and three sneezes and he was done showing any sign of sneeziness.

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Whoa, this obs was awesome! I have said it before, and I'll say it again, you gotta love it when someone you've been waiting for finally sneezes! How cute was it that he sniffled before sneezing, but didn't have a lot of recovery time afterwards? That must mean that his sneezes got rid of the tickle once and for all, I guess, right? He sounds absolutely gorgeous, and I happen to love the 3 sneezes in a row for some reason. Thanks, and it was a good thing you had something to read! :P

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