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Yesterday at work there was a rare lull in the neverending line of customers, and lucky for me I got the chance to witness a small sneezing fit!

Firstly two girls came to the counter to order. They were both very petite, pretty and quite dressed up for daytime. Then this guy joined them, who I guessed was one girl's boyfriend because he stood quite close. He was tall, with black hair and pale skin, puppy dog eyes and a toned chest. (I noticed the chest because he was wearing the tightest (and brightest) collared shirt I have ever seen someone succesfully pull off! :P ) His gf was asking him what drink he would like, he told her, and then she turned to me to repeat it.

As she was speaking I noticed the guy turning very slowly away from the counter. He raised his fist to his mouth, and I snapped to alert. :twisted: As he hovered for a second, I was mesmerised by the fact that he had only turned enough so that he was facing the side of his gf, not away from her. "heh-ishh!" He sneezed downwards, catching half the sneeze on his fist but the rest on her arm and shoulder! WOW! I was having a hard time not staring outrightly...And I was still supposed to be listening to this girl's order! :innocent:

He turned a little further to the side, sneezing a"Heissshhuh!" directly behind her back, then turning to face away from the counter. "Ishh! Ishh!...Huishh! Ishh!" By now he had taken his fist away from his mouth and had bent over at the waist so that he could sneeze towards the ground instead.

Recovering for a second, he turned to face the counter. He took a step backwards, so that he was standing behind his gf but there was a small space in between his front and her back. Then he took a deep breath and jerked down toward the gound in a final "HEH-ESCHEW!" which sounded alot wetter then the rest, and I'm almost sure he was close enough to his gf that she would have felt it a little, at least on her legs...

When he looked up he actually made eye contact with me for a split-second, and I quickly looked back at the register where I was trying to put in the order! :D oops!

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OMG, that was so hot! "Ishh!" - Short and urgent, my favorite spelling of a sneeze :cryhappy:

Thank you, thank you, THANK you for this wonderful obs, Aisha! :hug:

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Dear Lord that was so hot! :shy: I mean, I really wanted to be her (his GF), and I bet you did too, Aisha! Holy crap this was such a well written and HAWT observation! I think I need to go take care of something. :huh::cryhappy:

I also loved the way you spelled his sneezes, they sounded absolutelty marvelous! That last, desperate, loud, wet one was the BOMB! Thank you, Aisha! :blushing:

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Oh. My. God.

OhMyGod ...

I LOVED this obs! Those "ishh" sneezes are so cute, especially from a guy! What I would give to be that girl and to know I got to go home with Mr. Sneezy. What a great experience for you!

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:) I'm so glad you guys enjoyed this! Sadly, it's rare for me to ever see people round here sneezing more than once or twice in a row, so this one was quite a treat!
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what more can be said about it! WOW WOW WOW WOW!

god i wish i was you then or even more so the gf

Thanks so much for shairing :D

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