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I say "Bless You" for the first time in my life!!!


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Ok, I've been wanting to tell you guys this for AGES! (It happened earlier this week but I've had heaps of shifts, as well as the dreaded mid session assignment onslaught!)

A little while ago I asked people in General Discussion if they'd ever converted from not-blessing people to being able to do it. It wasn't because I wanted to become an avid blesser, but because I reeeely wanted to be able to say it my boyfriend, R, because I find the idea quite hot and I know he would like it.

Also, since finding this forum I kind of made this goal that I wanted to get over two of my stupid shy-thingys. The first was that I have never said the words "bless you" in my life. The second was that nobody has ever heard me sneeze since I was...ohh.. like 5 years old! :D

So, this week, I completed the first one! I really wish this had happened face to face, but oh well, you can't really plan these things. I was on the phone to R, trying to help him organise his mid-session study timetable around a complicated mess of work, training, family, girlfriend etc etc...

Suddenly I hear him move away from the phone.


Me: (knowing very well but still... :innocent: ) What was that?

R: *sniff* That was me sneezing.

Me: :P Oh...


R: (a little hopefully) Say bless you?

Me: (excited, nervous, turned on) Bless you...

R: (happily) Aw, thankyou sweetie!

Me: (giggles stupidly! :twisted: ...then takes a deep breath and continues what I was saying before he sneezed!)

So yeah! Ok, I kind of had to be prompted... but still! I have never said that before in my life! And it felt very much like a cross between something hugely erotic and the cutest moment ever!!

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Awwwwwwww! This was such a cute little phone ob! I love it that he asked you to bless him! And congrats to you for finally being able to say it! :D

***Edited to say, I re-read this and realized I wrote something that didn't make much sense!***

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OH CONGRATULATIONS!! I have exactly the same aims as you, it's great to know that you've achieved one of them. I'm hoping I'll be able to emulate some time, but goodness knows when, being single and shy etc. But really well done!

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Aw, that's so cute that he ASKED you! *giggles like a total girl!* Then he was grateful afterwards.....awww, awww, awwwwwwwwwwww~! :D

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I also have similar aims. I love being able to bless my boyfriend (took me awhile to get the courage to). I like it mostly to get the cute 'thank you' in the slightly stuffed up voice... makes me so turned on.

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Congratulations indeed! Onwards and upwarsd. Most interesting that he asked you to bless him and you felt able to do so. And the "Thank you" is so exciting , isn;t it?

Though arguably he should have completed the wonderfulness by adding 'I'm sorry, I couldn't help it' or something.

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