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Guest tashastar34

Last night, my friend from home, Dustin, called me. I am already a little homesick, so it was great to hear from him. But I have something that made it even better.

If you are curious, he is 17, probably nearly six foot, sandy hair, somewhat toned. He is just a really cute kid.

Anyways, he calls and we talked for about two hours. About 45 minutes into the conversation, he definately gave me a treat.

Dustin: Haaacchhhooooo.

Me: Well, Bless you.

Dusin: .... Hachhhooooahh. Thank you.

Me: Are you getting sick too? It seems like everyone down here is getting sick. (I was truly hoping it was not, in fact, a cold; but I figured we would get around to that.)

Dustin: Yeah, maybe I guess. I have been sneezing so much lately.

Me: Well, that isn't good.

Dustin: I know, but I mean I really don't feel sick, so I don't know.

Me: Hmm, do you have allergies. (Cross my fingers.)

Dustin: That might be it. I did when I was little really bad, but they kinda went away. Like I still sneeze a lot like when I walk outside or mowed grass and stuff like that, but I feel like I did when I was little. My left nostril is all runny.

Me: Aw, I'm soorrry. Haha, that sucks.

Dustin: Tell me about it.

Now we went on talking for a long time, but I assume you are unintereseted in that. Besides the fact I don't remember anything else near as well. Haha. But the way he talked about it, and everything. It was so cute, he is so cute.

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I adore phone sneezes! I wish I got more of them! This was such a cute obs, and I love the way you asked him if he was getting a cold or soemthing. And that prompted some nice, sneezy discussion! Thank you for such a wonderful ob! :shy:

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