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My drought is over


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I reckon it's been something like 2 years since i've seen a decent observation whilst being just 'Out and about' so to speak.

Well, droughts often have a habit of ending in memorable style and this one turned out to be no exception.

I'd just popped down to my local sports store to buy my niece a birthday present, and as i joined the queue to pay for the gear, I noticed a girl behind the counter continuously sniffing, and when she had time, dabbing at her very red nostrils with a tissue. I also noticed that her eyes were red and watery, suggesting an allergy.

I would say the girl was of Arabic decent, possibly Iranian. She was about 22, very slim, 5' 3" with an olive skin. Her hair was black and tied in a pony tail. She had a rather large aquiline nose, almost slightly out of proportion with the rest her face...not a beautiful nose, but a very distinctive one.

Although this sounds like a rather unedifying discription, she was actually quite attractive.

Being a Saturday, the shop was very busy and the two girls at the till were just about keeping up with the constant stream of customers. At this point I was about 6th from the front and with the girls concentration elsewhere, I could observe without inhibition.

The girl in question was just putting an item of clothing in a carrier bag for a customer in front, when I noticed a pre-sneeze look had started to appear on her face. It built up and up, but through necessity she continued with her task.

Eventually she turned her head away, brought the back of her hand up to her face and let out a very vigorous semi stifled sneeze... Attt....(incert nasal sounding stifle noise)....chooo, followed immediately by a second similar sneeze. The sneezes were quite dramatic and several people blessed her.

As she turned and rung up the till (The till was at 90 degrees to the counter), I could see her mouth was slightly open and the pre-sneeze look was back. In seconds, another body jerking semi-stifle followed.

Then, just as she addressed the next custmomer, she found herself helplessly in the throws of another onrushing sneeze. Turning back towards the till, she caught the sneeze in cupped hands. Her stifle technique didn't really hold up under the power of this one and as the sneeze exploded, I noticed a thin bead of mucus hanging down from between her fingers. She quickly grabbed the tissue lying next to the till and wiped her hands, nose and mouth, and then looking very embarassed, had a short snotty sounding blow into the tissue.

As I reached the till, she asked me, in the most stuffed up nasal voice you could possibly imagine, if I wanted a bag... I was tempted to enquire about her condition... but by this time I was starting to turn into jelly, and all I could do was nod, smile and hand over my money.

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