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Guest Silhouette

I was on the phone with M, and as we were talking about I don't know what, she interrupted me with saying "Hang on, I've got to sneeze." After a few seconds silence, she said "No, I lost it.", and I expected her to say something else but she didn't.

After another few seconds, she let out a high-pitched Hah-tchooo. I blessed her, but she didn't answer, and in another ten seconds, she sneezed again, more powerful this time.

The next morning, we were on the bus on our way to school, and M were sitting next to me. As she picked something up from here bag on the floor, she suddenly had a huge, powerful Heh-tcheeeew, without any build-up, apparently she was completely surprised, since she didn't even have time to cover, and she sneezed right onto me.

I blessed her, and she gave me an even bigger smile (bigger than the huge sneeze, that is).

She's been spending this weekend at my place, but as You already know, she doesn't usually sneeze alot when I'm around, actually I should be lucky if she sneezes at all.

It was an entirely sneezeless weekend, until this morning.

I woke up when she moved closer to me, so I put my arms around her and moved a little bit closer as well.

I almost fell asleep again, but she awoke me with yet one of her single surprise sneezes, You never know when they're coming. This time, it was rather wet and quite powerful, and the end was very drawn out, like Huh-tchoooooo, with the last o's really high-pitched.

And then I was awake, I swear.

She actually commented this one later as well, when we were at her place.

After dinner, we went into her room, and as soon she'd closed the door, she said "You were really surprised this morning, right? I actually sneezed!"

When I answered with a nod, she said "But You really liked it, didn't You?", and I was like "Oh yes I did!"

Then she said, with one of her lovely smiles (smiles so beautiful they send shivers down Your back) "You want me to do it again? If we go out to the stables, I'll probably sneeze quite a few times."

...unfortunately, she had birthday guests to take care of, so we never went to the stables this time.

But that'll make a great obs next time, right?

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