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First off I wanted to say hi to everyone. I know I haven’t been on the forum a lot but I have been reading the new posts and hope that everyone is doing well.

Now on with the obs…

I went to my local laundromat to do some laundry. There were several people inside when I arrived. There was a couple (not married) sitting in seats just reading magazines. As I placed my clothes into the washer the girl started to blow her nose. She was obviously congested, most likely due to a cold. It wasn’t like her nose was runny but you could tell her sinuses were full.

As always in the back of my head a little voice was wishing this would be the hint that something grand was going to happen…and later it did come true. So I put my clothes in the washer and sit down near this girl. She was in her 20’s, dark hair, dark eyes, pale white skin, not more than 5’3” and was cute. Her nose was somewhat long, and skinny. Now there was a table between me and her and she had put her jacket and scarf up on the table so all I saw was about the middle of her nose upwards (I could see her eyes) but not her mouth. I would say this was maybe 5-7 minutes after she blew her nose when all the sudden I was taken back by the size of the sneeze that came out of this cute little girl. It sounded like she tries to hold back the sneeze but the aftermath of her sneeze is what you hear. It was loud and long….epshhhhhhuh. Now as soon as I heard it, I stared at her. I was positioned where she couldn’t see that I was looking at her. I couldn’t see her mouth but could see in her eyes that she was building up for another and she was looking towards the ceiling…most likely the lights to help ease the next out. I want to say she had about a 10-15 second gap in time but mostly likely had some silent gasps or inhales before then. And I saw again this large sneeze come forward epshhhhhhhhhuh. She wasn’t trying to hold them back but I so wanted to bless her. Again, I saw her eyes and I sensed that a third was coming soon. Her eyes did get teary, and about 15 seconds epshhhhuhhhhh. After this she got the look in her eyes again, was staring at the ceiling and I thought a fourth was on its way but it must have gotten stuck. Now she soon opened her pack of tissues and gurgled out some snot from her nose.

I was so ready to bless her but I felt weird because her boyfriend was there and said nothing. Looking at her nose and her, I would never of guessed the type of sneeze that came out of her. They were sexy though. Plus, people usually like to keep the same schedule each week, so maybe she will be at the Laundromat next week…I shall see!

Hope you enjoy!

Take care,


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That's a great obs. Too bad you weren't able to bless her. It sure sounded like those sneezes deserved it. Maybe next week she'll be alone. :shy:

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Thanks, They sure did deserve a bless you. But I didn't want to bless her too early and then have her get all self conscious and try and stop the others from coming! There might have been more...if she was alone!


Excellent obs! Thanks so much for sharing these!
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I think I quite liked that =^.^= there is something about the unlikely type of sneeze coming out of a person that you never would've suspected for it that is really nice and dare I say inspiring?

She sounds attractive, her sneeze sounds attractive, and 'tis a shame you didn't get to bless her :\ so... when do we stalk that laundromat of yours :drool: group stakeout! I call shotgun! *dashes*

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