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Classroom Hayfever


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I was in college where I was waiting for the class to start when I heard a girl sneeze! As I searched for the source in the din of people outside the room, I overheard the girl who had sneezed say to her friend "I'm about to keel over from the hayfever!". As we entered the lecture hall, I positioned myself where I would have a good view. Sure enough, she began to sneeze "huh-choo! huh-choo!! Very feminine, obviously uncontrollable sneezes. I thought they couldn't get better but she had some better ones. She held the sneeze a second with that beautiful pre-sneeze hitch I love. Kind of a Huhhh! ... choo!!!" those are my favorite kind of sneeze because you can hear the desperation in her voice as the hayfever sneeze overtakes her. She doesn't want to sneeze, but the tickles are too strong and she has to!! Her friends would ask her what's wrong and she said "hayfever, really bad, they were mowing during aerobics and I had to walk a mile, so I was sneezing the whole way!" All through class she sneezed and sneezed and sneezed! She never left during the whole hour and a half and she must have sneezed at least 30 times!! I only wished I had that aerobics class. Imagine watching her walking and sneezing all around the track as grass blew everywhere!

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