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Alrighty, Evelyn is back in business. Today, we were visited by an inspector. Poor Evelyn was so nervous she bounced against the walls and the cieling until they arrived, and then she acted like a professional. I have to admit that she can be the perfect diplomat if she wants to, and today she wanted to. I mean, God, I was almost fooled myself! :wheels:

Anyway. As she was walking around the company with this person, I noticed that Evelyn looked quite sneezy. Part of me really wanted her to have one of her famous attacks in front of him, but another (the better) part of me hoped she could hold it back... (she would embarrass ALL of us if she sneezed like that in front of someone like him...)

Well, it looked like she could fight it off pretty well, and they walked on. About half an hour later, when I was doing the cleaning in the locker room, she came running in there and said:

"Thank God he wanted to talk to Andy now, I couldn't hold on for one more minute!"

I turned around just in time to see her eyes close and lips part, her nostrils twitched a little and then it came:


She gasped for air and let out another, quite powerful:


Then she sniffed and rubbed her nose with the back of her hand, starting to talk:

"There, I really had to get it ou... HAH-TSSSCHOOOOOOOOOO! Out! Oh..." :laugh:

She inhaled sharply and stifled the next one, it sounded like it could've been a wet one if she'd only let it out. Then she sniffed again and said:

"Shit, I hate to sneeze! AH-TSSSSSSCHHOOOO!" :lol:

Then she looked like she was about to sneeze again, but it went away and she sniffed wetly, rubbed her nose and then turned around and left. I stared at her back, hoping for another attack, but no such luck though... :laugh:

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:laugh: Hot as usual! Thanks, hon! :laugh:

Kan du inte försöka spela in en attack åt oss på mobilen eller nåt :innocent:

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This woman may be a bitch, but what a great sneezy bitch she is. :laugh:

HAHAHAHAHA your so right Dawnie she does sound like a super biotch, but her sneeziness just over rules her bitchyness

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