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World's greatest bus trip!

Guest Silhouette

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Guest Silhouette

I was on the bus on my way home from school this afternoon, accompanied by my girlfriend (M).

The bus hadn't even left school when it first started...

A girl in the seat infront of us, very slim girl, blond, kind of pretty, let out two soft sneezes, Eh-choo, heh-tchoo, which of course caught my attention.

I watched her for a little while, but she didn't seem to have any more sneezes coming, so I turned to M again.

After a few minutes, the same girl sneezed a quiet Heh-shhh, followed in a few seconds by a slightly stronger Heh-shiii.

After a while, a couple of kids left the bus, and one of the kids was coughing.

At the same time, M started coughing as well.

Then she said "Damn, I had to cough, I couldn't hold it back when he didn't, it's contagious!"

So I asked her "Is sneezing also that contagious?"

"I don't know, I guess we'll see", M said with a peculiar smile on her face.

After a little while, another girl in front of us stopped talking abruptly, and started taking deep, hitching breaths.

After twenty seconds or so of build-up and a false start, she let out a furious HEH-CHOOOOOOOSSH.

She sniffed, rubbed her nose, and the let out another HAH-CHEEEEEEEEEEW, bending forward towards the floor.

As I watched this other girl, something else caught my attention, and I turned to M.

Suddenly her face froze, her eyes closed, and she let out one of her regular Heh-tchooo's into her right hand.

She smiled at me, but was interrupted by another growing sneeze, and her face froze again.

This time she took longer than usual to get the sneeze out, but when the girl in front of us let out another HAH-CHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH,

M joined in with a suprisingly strong Hah-TCHOOO.

This was repeated one more time, when M had a long build-up, the girl in front of us sneezed a mighty HAH-TCHAAAAAAW,

M joined in with a HEH-TCHEEEEW and the girl in front doubled back with a last, desperate and wet HAH-AH-CHOOOOOSH.

From this moment on, I just love those long bus trips to school every morning and afternoon. :laugh:

This is especially good since M usually hardly sneezes at all, but this time I had three sneezes from her, and extraordinarily powerful as well! :laugh::innocent:

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