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I was walking up a path today when I saw a girl coming toward me. She was still a long ways away. She drew my notice when it looked like she was getting out a pack of cigarettes, which also turns me on, but she wasn't. But when I got close I saw she was pretty cute and thought "I'll bet she's got a nice sneeze." The pollen was a bit heavy today; I didn't sneeze once but my nose tickled and I'm not especially sensitive to pollen. I did hear and witness odd sneezes all day long, too. But this girl gave NO indication of being in the slightest nasal distress as we passed each other. The I hear two "huh-chich! huh-chich!" behind me. Turned around but alas saw nothing, except that she was the only one behind me.

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nice obs :laugh: its always a bit dissapointing when that happens. a few seconds slower and you would have gfot the visual as well!!! :laugh:

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