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Sneezes in my Dreams!!!!!! (female)


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ill warn you now, im writing like an obsessed nut in this obs.

ok, ever since i left primary school i have missed my grade 5 teacher's sneezes SORELY.

i would do ANYTHING to see her sneeze again, and i mean anything. id put her above any celebrity or model or anyone. Dang, i would give up ever sneezing again myself to see her sneeze--but thats silly :innocent:

anyway, chances are im never going to see her sneeze again, and i realised that recently and almost CRIED. :innocent:

Shes tall, blonde and slim, lovely face and good sense of humour and style, and had these beautiful, wonderful, amazingly gorgeuos hahh-emmp-cheeeoooh!! sneezes.

AND she got HAYFEVER :omg: I remember once when we went to this old gasworks museum there was coal and dust everywhere and she was sneezing her head off :innocent: ..... and this other time she was correcting my work and i was just standing there and she sneezed three times and i almost DIED......but on with the dream.

last night was the first night i have seen her sneeze in YEARS. well, i sort of saw her.

i wont babble all through the dream because most of it is really wierd and inescessary.

it started off me lugging a huge hockey goalframe up a muddy hill (dont ask! :laugh: ) and i get to the top and theres a beach there :laugh: and there's the other grade 5 teacher standing there. she doesnt say anything to me so i walk past her and see my grade 5 teacher! i walk up to her and she says, "hey! i havent seen you since you graduated! hows--hang on."

sorry, brief interruption, i just want ot say i had the fetish in my dream as well, which made it AWESOME!

ok, back to the dream :bleh:

as i said, her last sentence was, "hey! i havent seen you since you graduated! hows--hang on." then she sneezed :omg: twice!! :omg::omg: two, lovely, wonderful sneezes :innocent:haah....haah-wm-chooh!!! then there was a pause, then another, lovely, wonderful heeh-tsh-ooh!!..

well i just stood there. gobsmacked :omg::laugh::innocent::innocent::laugh:

and well... then it happened again. and again. and again. and again!! until my alarm woke me up :laugh: But still, i got to see it about five times over. that also meant i had to lug the damned goalframe up the hill again, but it was worth it :laugh:

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Guest Silhouette

This one is interested, thank You for sharing!

I don't think I've ever had a dream about sneezes (alright, daydreams, of course, but not... "real" dreams, or whatever You should call it).

You've had any good ones?

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I can only remember one female dream-sneeze offhand though I do think I've had more than that. The one in question came when I was fifteen and a year out of grammar school. I'd gone to grammar school with quite a few hot girls and hadn't seen any of 'em since at this point. One of 'em announced her presence in my dream by sneezing once. I'd never seen her sneeze for real.

Anyway, sorry to threadjack, let's get back to talking about hippo's dream, which makes for a better story anyway.

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i just love dreams like that,

i had one when i was in a singing group,

well it started off ok singing ...

the the hole group sneezed there way thought the hole of the practice

ow i do hope i have a dream like that tonight.


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