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Oh what a wonderful a thing will is


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Right, I'll do this very incognito since I have a lot of love and respect for my sneezer and since I wouldn't ever want her to know what she's doing to me :cryhappy::shy:

One of my net friends (not of this community) has a cold, which, rose all sorts of conversations about colds and sneezing (yeah baby!) and mmmmm spunkfull little me actually demanded (half jokingly, it's just one of those things you can get away with when you're so dashingly charming *modest*) to hear her sneeze :wub:

We voice chat some normally anyway so it's not that unusual that we'd talk, but the thing is, bless her sugary little heart, she was actually sitting trying to sneeze (quite unsuccessfully the first night of chatting), she has no idea about my little fetish (and I think I'll keep it that way unless I come home drunk :laugh::nohappy: ) but aww I'm so moved that she'd do that for me (even if she has no idea what she's doing or why :laugh::shy: ).

So, another night of chatting comes by and we're just talking, I throw a random comment here and there about how sexy her voice sounds with that cold, she laughs, we talk some more.

After a while and while I was babbling about one thing or another I hear over from the otherside the cutest sneeze I've heard in a while :blushing:Ha-etSSHHOOOOOOOOOO prolonged "ooo" (as you can read for yourself) which went high in pitch and sounded sort of soggy and mmmm clumsy. The whole thing sounded so cold-sneezish and sniffly and adorable that it made my blessing come out like some sort of concerned auntie "awwww, bless you babycakes" (with a really deep sort of concern in the "awww" part) she sniffled and was quite contect with herself for having finally managed to sneeze on voice chat, she's a saint. I made a very specific comment about sneezing and her sneeze that had to do with something we discussed previously while talking about her cold but I won't repeat it (even though it was really too cute) becuase I really would hate it if she ever did find out and this would be too obvious (at the HUGE off chance of that ever happening ;) ). Either way, it made her laughed ^.^

We continued talking some and after quite a while she surprised me with another HAaE'ektSCHOOOOOOOO which was followed by a tiny little whimper afterwards in a baby voice "awee" and a sniffle. The sneeze was like before, girly and high pitchy at the end. The "ooo" part sounded a bit like she was tierdly-screaming it and this sneeze sounded even more desperate than the previous one. I blessed her (all ooh and ahh while being obnoxiously sweet about it and giggling like a school girl) :innocent: she is just so cute it's almost hard to bear :laugh: and... and she actually said after sneezing that now her keyboard is all wet (I did my best to hold my tongue and not say that I'm willing to lick it :blushing::laugh: ).

Anyway I know what I'll be dreaming about in the next few days.... bless her sugary little heart :) *blissful sigh* yeah...

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Anyway I know what I'll be dreaming about in the next few days.... bless her sugary little heart :shy: *blissful sigh* yeah...

I LOVE this saying!!! "Sugary Little Heart" ... TOO cute!

Excellent Obs. Sweetie! Thanks for sharing with us!

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Awww, this is really cute.

I know! it's so cute and fluffy and happy and wagging it's tail it almost makes me sick :D but I just can't help myself around her :o she makes me wanna squeak happily and pick flowers and all sort of sappy girly things :o:D and she really tried to sneeze, for me :o and and... she has such a cute sneeze *melt*

Yeah... errr... I'm a girl :o

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Awwww!! Adorable! She sounds like the sweetest thing ever. That whole conversation was delicious, I love the whole cute-sickie voice thing as well! :wub:

AND she commented about sneezing on the keyboard!! Ahhhiiii!! So yummy!! :drool::D

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*Toot Toot*

Make way Make way!

Make way for the queen of cutsville!!

Here she comes again!

*Toot Toot*

P.S You are too generous to us, your humble subjects, my lady. Thy cuteness is beyond any of us.


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Guest Silhouette

I don't know what I like most in this obs; Your very, very cute conversations, her supersexy sneeze, or Your superiorly great way of expressing Yourself.

Awesome observation!

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Awww :bounce: you guys flatter me too much *giggles* wish I felt comfortable sharing some more details... that girl just rocks my socks without even knowing it... it's just too specific.

Innocent chatting for her... butterflies in the stomach for me... *sweet sigh*

Anywho, th-thanks for the feedback B-P

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