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ok this is my first observation story, so im really sorry if its really bad

i get really nervos doing stuff like this cos im dyslexic

so sorry for bad spelling and all that but i have read some fab storys of your observations and fill i cant hold off much longer


ok my boyfriend,

i have been dating him for around 3 weeks now... and its been great but no sneezes :shy: so this has been alittle anoying as im itching to hear what hes is like.

he took me out to dinner which was fab and out it pops during are starters the first sneeze!


ow it was so amazing it was a unexspected one court him off gard :wub: he got the cutes tight face with wrincals lines round him eyes and nose. (im my head i was wishing a sneeze to come... like u do) well it was not a sneeze you have to fight for put it that was... it just pop out quite easy, he cupped it nicely with his hands and it sounded moist with a chhhhhhoooooo noice to it :blushing:

and i got a great force of air fly past my face.

(he said he was really sorry he think he is coming down with somthing and that he hates sneezing in public bless him :blushing:)

well we had a couple more sneezes during dinner but these one's were more of a fight with him going rigid and fighting for some garsps of breath...

then very wet

eeeehee eeheeee ccccchhhhhhhooo

another sharp garsp of breath and chooarrrr chhhooooo

(so sorry about the discripsion on the sneeze not my good point)

was fab

well it gets so much better i invited him too stay round my flat last night we had a great night but no more sneezes which mad me sad as it had made me really exsighted and was wishing him to sneeze more for me.

well i woke up in the morning to find out he was full of cold... felt really sorry for him, but was good for me as the sneezes come thick and fast.

i had my head rested on his chest like i do when i sleep.. well got woke up by a sudden jolt of his chest

looked up at him and there it was his frist morning sneeze pop out right there and then

his hold body jolted a few times then went quit rigid, then along with the wet sounding arrrrchhhhoooooo he hole bodyy thrusted up from under me, followed by a wet spray and force of air

then a min past were u could tell it was not really bothering him till the second one come. this time his hole face had screwed up... and he was rubbing his noise frantically.

his chest was bobbing up and down this felt like it could have been about 2 mins worth of fightting for this sneeze only im getting really exsighted at this point.

then 7 sneezes in a row with my head still on his cheast.

he body stiffened and then come the most amazing 7 trusing sneezes i have ever seen

each followed by a little garsp of air, all wet and followed by a nice gust of air.

after this i felt so happy and wanted to have sex with him only i dont think he would have been to happy with that as he was feeling ill

but he is staying round tonight so hope to get some more sneeze action :laugh::laugh:

sorry if this was really bad but hope u injoyed as much as i did :laugh:

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Wow, you gotta love those first colds from a new boyfriend! I will never, ever forget my hubby's first cold when we were dating! I got some really juicy cold sneezes from him, and they were some of the best i can remember! And I remember taking care of him, and buying him a card, tissues, and some Halls, I think. Anyway, really nice first obs! Tahnks so much for sharing! Please keep us updated on this cold of his, it sounds yummy!

Oh, and welcome to the forum! :o

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Sounds just like that little story that just got posted the other day . . .

Did he sleep through his sneezes or did they wake him up?

Anyway, hope you don't catch his cold. (No I don't!)

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What alovely way to wake up. Hmmm. Feeling the movement.

A very nice first obs. and..er..welcome to the forum.

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Awww, his sneezes sound yummy. I remember getting all excited when my first bf thought he was getting a cold - he didn't in the end, but it was really weird for me because I didn't know about my fetish and yet I was just soooo :drool: when he said it. Anyway, digressing...lovely obs, don't let your nervousness stop you from posting more, we wanna read them!

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ooooh, yummy!... Thanks for a lovely first observation! :D

My SO got his first cold not so long ago, and I too was in a permanent state of excitement throughout the whole thing!! So I know how you feel... :drool:

Out of curiosity, did it bother him at when he realised he had woken up and sneezed over/onto you?

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yep he was worryed that he had sneezed on me... but i kissed him and said dont worry these thing happen (only, im thinking i want more of this to happen hehe :drool: )

he has such good manners that he dont even like sneezing in public let alone over someone

please let there be more :laugh: please let there be more :laugh:

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