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Ladette to Lady Last Night


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In last nights ladette to lady there was a small bit of tissue action! One of the girls kept on wiping her nose with her had which was getting on the nerves of the principle. There was another girl who hadn't made her bed. Anyway, the principle went mad at both of them asking where this girls handkerchief was and dragged both of them upstairs to their bedroom. She threw all the bed clothing onto the floor to show this girl how to make the bed. Whilst doing this the other girl kept on making comments. The principle kept on asking, quite forcefully, where her handkerchief was. The girl said that she didn't have one to which the reply was to go nd get one. We saw the girl take two tissues from the box beside her bed. The shot then changed to this girl talking to the camera outside the bedroom. You can clearly see the tissues she had just picked up tucked into the sleeve of her jacket. I spent the rest of the programme looking out for any tissues/hankies but couldn't see any. Thought it was really cool that a girl so young would have tissues so clearly up her sleeve. I've checked the sky guide and the programme is repeated on Monday at 10pm on ITV2.

Not much, but might be of interest to someone!

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Hi! Thanks a lot for sharing your obs, I really enjoy to read it...

I'm also into nose blowing and tissues fetish.... You are one of the few girls that it's into tissues fetish!

If you have some pictures or files to share, don't hesitate to insert them...

Nice to meet you!

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I saw that. In their delightful way, the ladettes are always sniffing and wiping their noses on their hands. No real action but loads of talking about it, as the one Mistress is constantly prsuing the sniffliest girl and asking her where her hankie is and stuff.

Wouldn't it be fab if in a future episode they were taught how to use a hankie in a ladylike way, or even how to sneeze like a lady! One can dream, and fantasize.

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Wow, this has certainly aroused my interest! I'm assuming this is a British TV series; I've never seen it, but any leads as to how I could see the episode in question would be greatly appreciated!

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Guest hankyinsleeve

I saw this episode. It was great. I was hoping that all the girls would be made to carry tissues tucked into their sleeves. It would have made the series compulsive viewing!

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