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Library obs (M)


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Yesterday I was in the library, looking for some poetry to read (I SO need inspiration right now, haven’t written a poem in weeks! :drool: ) , when I suddenly heard two quick sneezes coming from behind the poetry bookshelf. They were half stifles, and sounded tickly and desperate, like “Esshh-hmph! Hm-ksshh!” I quickly picked a book at random and started to walk towards the counter, and when I glanced to the left I spotted a guy leaning against the shelf, trying to talk to a girl through an unmistakable build-up! :laugh: I froze immediately and began to stare, unaware of anything around me except him :laugh:

I know the guy by looks, but have never spoken to him. He’s 17 - 18 year old, quite short but well-built, sandy brown, slightly curly hair and brown eyes. Veeery cute if you ask me :laugh:

And now he was blinking and wiggling his nose around and breathing shallowly while trying to speak to this girl! He managed to hold out for about three seconds, then his eyes fluttered closed, he turned away from the girl and stammered:

“W-wait a sec...” and sneezed into his cupped hands, another painful-sounding half-stifle: “Eessh-mhff!”

“Bless you” she giggled. He lowered his hands and straightened, looking slightly annoyed. He didn’t say thank you or anything, just continued his conversation, and I finally realised that my eyes were about to pop out of my head, so I forced myself to look away and start walking again :lol:

Let’s just say that I was glad I had lunch after that, so I had time to go to the bathroom and take care of some things... :innocent:

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Fab observation, always better when u find out its a hotty!

pleased to know it was lunch as well too, :bounce::bleh: soulds like a perfect sneeze ob B-P

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I just LOVE library obs! And I find it cute that the girl giggled when she blessed him! Thanks for sharing, I think my eyes would be popping out of my head, too! :drool:

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Guest cherishedteddy

Libraries are the best place for obs! I keep going back to my local to study the magazines and there hasn't been a day yet where people haven't sneezed. The best obs was last week when a slim woman with long brown hair was sitting behind me and gave two stifles with a long sigh at the end and then silence for a minute. Then she let out five more sneezes and was clearly struggling by the way she sounded. Once she had finished she stood up quite angrily and replaced her mag.

What is it about libraries that make people sneeze? Is it dust, or the rules that say you must be quiet that gets everybody twitchy?

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mmmm... very nice! :laugh:

When I see such a delicious thing in the library (and I think it may have only happened twice in this whole year!!) I consider it a reward for putting in some study time! :D And libraries are silent...so you can hear the sneezes so well! :laugh:

And I just love it when they warn you! "wait a sec..." :D

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