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of all people it happened to ME

Guest snzlvr

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Guest snzlvr

I can't believe this happened to ME of all people. We were in french class a few days ago and everyone was taking turns for the reading part. It was a story about a boy who has a loose tooth and can't get it out. He tries everything and just as he's about to have a fit and start crying, the tooth fairy comes and says she knows a solution. She pulled out a feather from her white robe and tickled his nose until he sneezed the biggest sneeze he had ever sneezed. His tooth fell out, of course, and that was the end of the story. BUT like I said we were all taking turns to read. WELL I hadn't had my turn yet and the story was just about done so I knew someone would call my name eventually. So we're reading along and we get to the page where the boy sneezes and just as I'm thinking "Oh my god, wouldn't it be insane if I was the one who had to read this part. Of all the students in the class ... " my friend Mark says "MAIS SOUFLE JESS!" That's french for "popcorn jess."

My french teacher has this way where a student reads a few lines then says "mais soufle ___" and has to name someone else in the class and then its their turn to read. Well Mark had read two entire paragraphs and he obviously didn't want to read the sneezing part .. no one did ... and he calls my name, of course. I couldn't believe it. So I'm sitting there and turning COMPLETELY red and trying to laugh it off and just try to get it over with. Everyones staring at me and giggling thanking god that their name wasn't called for this part and I'm sitting there wishing I was dead.

I knew I would eventually have to do it so I just got it over with and used alot of enthusiasm and practically screamed "ATTCHOOUUMM!!!!" [thats the french version of a written sneeze] luckily, everyone thought that I did a spectacular job and laughed with me while my face felt like it was on fire. After that I just finished off the whole story [there was only a few lines left anyways] and that was the end of that.

My french teacher, about 5"4, long wavy brown hair, petite, really cute .. suddenly got all excited and sat on a random desk in the front of the class and told us she had a crazy story to tell.

She then proceded to tell us how it all started yesterday, after school had ended, she had stayed a bit late to finish off some paperwork. [she made it sound like an old tale]. Feeling pretty bored, she looked around the room and saw a pack of mint gum and snatched it up and plopped two peices in her mouth and began to chew. At first - she said - everything felt normal. But surely enough the more she chewed on her gum, the more at the back of the inside of her nose started to tickle. She chewed and chewed some more and suddenly the nerves under her eyes started twitching [you know when you've really got to sneeze and beside the top of your nose/the skin under your eyes starts to twitch]. She then started waving her hands around saying that she knew she was going to sneeze so she dropped her pen and turned away from her desk and just had a really long sneezing fit! Miraculously the gum stayed in her mouth, but she says she swore she counted at least 12 sneezes.

While she was telling the story she made pre-sneeze faces and actually did 3 fake sneezes, and thats when she said she swore she counted 12. "AND THATS ONLY THE BEGINNING" she cried. She started telling us how after that sneezing fit she decided it was time to go home, and everything was calm until she got into her car. As soon as she sat down, she sneezed 3 more times. Then she turned her car on, she sneezed 3 more times. Everytime she moved or did ANYTHING she sneezed 3 times!!! She wasn't sure whether it was safe to drive or not, so she waited a minute or two, then started pulling out of the parking lot. She didn't sneeze, but she felt the tickle building and building and the exact minute she pulled out of the parking lot area and onto the busy road she sneezed 5 TIMES!! She told us how scared she was because she just kept sneezing and since you close your eyes when you sneeze, she didn't know where she was going or anything. So she just stepped on the brake pedal until she finished sneezing. Luckily she didn't get into an accident but she still had a long drive ahead of her.

That was bascially the end of her story, but she did say that after the 5 sneeze episode on the road she didn't really have any more fits, just random sneezes here and there. She thinks its because during the 5 sneeze fit, she accidentally spat her gum somewhere in her car. It was probably the mint that aggrivated my poor nose, she said.

Sorry its not really an obs, I was just so astonished to hear this story from her, and actually WATCH her do all these fake build-up faces and full sneezes. It was amazing to watch!! And also I thought it was kind of funny that I had to read the sneezing part of the stupid story. I still can't believe of all the kids in the class Mark had to choose ME for that part. :drool:

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Wow, talk about embarrassing, but you made it through! :drool: Thanks for sharing!

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Eeeek! :hypoc: I think I would have died from ambarrassment... But you handled it very well :rolleyes: Well done!

Thanks for sharing with us :drool:

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thanks so much for sharing.. i can only imagen how nurvos u must have been! you did so well.

and as your thanks she shared her story :D

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Awwww I would have completely died of embarrassment, we have a scary french teacher. And I've just written an obs about my french lesson....wow....coincidence....we must be french lesson obs buddies snzlvr :D Sweet obs though.

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Haha! *claps excitedly for you* now that's the spirit! you're a real sport for how you tackled that silly story, way to go, hats off!

And, Wow, <3 your French teacher, how very very unusual of her to share all that, but at the same time, really cute :D

Aaaaaaaaaaaand, even more so, thank YOU for sharing what she shared :D AWESOME! :hug:

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