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Couple Notes About Requesting Stories

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People will from time to time request stories. Sometimes the ideas are specific, sometimes just a general fandom based request.

Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind.

1) Some writers like specifics. The more the merrier. Others don't want to feel too restricted. So a general idea is good and then if a writer picks it up you can work it out with them as to details etc.

2) As hard as it might be Please don't try to rush the process. Inspiration is a tricky thing. And if a writer has agreed to pick up your idea and doesn't seem to be getting it posted- 10 to 1 they aren't ignoring you. They just are waiting for inspiration. Or they got stuck at a point.

3) If there isn't a response to your plea for a particular story- Please refrain from asking, and asking and asking. This community is relatively small and not everyone is into the same things. And while I have seen some writers take on projects where they have little knowledge or interest in the idea presented- that tends to happen rarely. Not because the writers aren't nice or generous- but honestly it is Really Really difficult to write about topics that you don't know or aren't interested in. Now- checking in on rare occasion and raising the subject again is fine. New people come and people's interests expand and you never know...

4) If you are in a bind and can't find a writer for an idea that you have- try and write something yourself. At least your idea of how things would go. Get it is detailed as you can. Then you could see if one of the other writers could help you with getting the story "polished" and sounding more the way that you'd like it. When I first came to the community I wasn't Ever going to write. I just couldn't do it. But I began to see that some of the things that I was interested in see a story about- nobody seemed to write. So I finally gave it a go. Even if you never so it to anyone- at least you get to spend some time thinking and writing about things that *you* really like.

Best of luck!

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