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REALLY loud --and gorgeous:P(m)


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its funny, after today ive never been as attracted to a male sneeze in my life :D

today i was at school in the library finishing off some evil homework thats long and hard and very testing of your patience B) and geuss who came in, but the hot new german exchange student, B! :laugh:

God hes gorgeous :hug::hug:

.......aaanyway :hug: there i am sitting writing away and he stands about 4 metres away from me, bends down and sneezes a huge HEH-AAAAAAHHHHHOOOO!!!! and i jump several centimetres off my seat :D and whirl around. theres B standing, still slightly bent over, holding his nose between both his hands and blinking, looking a bit shocked as well. about every single person was looking at him now, some annoyed, a few surpised, one drooling (geuss who :laugh: ).

he straightened up and headed for the exit again, looking a bit sheepish, and stood a bit outside the door of the library.

i could hear him take a deep breath and there was a pause, before two lovely, loud AAAASCHEEEHH!!! ....heh...HE--AkSCHOOOH!! then he reappeared at the door, smiled and went off to do whatever he planned to do in the first place :hug:

i sat, a babbling puddle of goo for the next half and hour :hug:

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ow what a great Observation!

and from a hotty too, even better.

he sounds yummy :D

and his sneezes even yummyer :D

thanks so much for the post :hug:

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hippo, that was so hawt! I mean, I'm a huge fan of library obs anyway, but this was just...no wonder you were drooling, and have also slightly become a fan of male sneezing. This observation ROCKED! :D

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Oh yummy! :D Hottie sneezing loudly in silent library... :laugh:

LOVELY observation, hippo! :omg: THANK YOU for sharing!!

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Thanks so much for that obs, Hippo! He sounds luvvvverly!

I love really loud, wet male sneezes... especially in places where you're meant to be quiet - like in a library, or in a conference or meeting... love 'em!!

tam xx

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Ah, that first lovely other sex sneeze; and fascinatingly described ans spelt, as ever.

Actually i don't know what i'm talking about; I noticed my first female sneeze when I was four; perhaps I mean aftrer puberty; but I can't remember when my first female sneeze was.

I'm tempted to say, don't lose appreciation for the same sex sneeze entirely; I wish that I had retained more of my love of the male sneeze.

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