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I just got a text message from a work colleague, T, about a meeting I need to attend tomorrow. I rang him back, but he didn't answer. Then as I was about to go downstairs to cook dinner, he rang me back. And he sounded all sniffly!

And I think just the fact that we have to go to a meeting tomorrow (it's one of those tediously long & boring ones...), he was sounding all mopey and 'down'...

I arranged with him when I was going to pick him up (I drive past his house on the way to work), and just as we were hanging up, I heard him sneeze! It was a really cute sneeze - not full-blown or extremely loud, just a sweet 'tishoo', slightly wet... I was :D !!!

I sure do hope he's getting a cold; he's so very endearing when he's sick! Shame he's married... but hey, listening to him sneeze and sniffle isn't a crime, eh!

tam xx

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I sure do hope he's getting a cold; he's so very endearing when he's sick! Shame he's married... but hey, listening to him sneeze and sniffle isn't a crime, eh!

Not at all! And I hope for your sake, he's getting a cold, too! I loved this obs, since phone sneezes are a personal favorite of mine. :D Thank you!

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okay now I'm confused... why is that last post I made signed as Baraka???

I'm just gonna copy & re-post my message in case it was a forum error...

2nd attempt:

Guys, I just gotta tell you the news!!

I was so very excited! I dropped by T's house today to pick him up for work, and as he got into the car he pulled a packet of Strepsils out of his jacket pocket. He's got a cold!!! Wahooo!!!

I thought, "How am I going to be able to drive to work and concentrate on the road while this is going on?!"

He sniffled and cleared his throat all through the journey. I asked him if he was feeling alright, and he just groaned about feeling a bit sick and having to attend the meeting.

When we got to the office I didn't want to get out of the car! The day passed slowly until it was time for our meeting. It was pretty tedious and dire, but on a couple of occasions T had a sneezing fit! The first time round, he just sneezed twice - wet and sloppy, and with no pre-sneeze warnings. But the second time around, he sneezed five times, and he obviously knew he was going to sneeze because he pulled out a tissue from pocket and covered his nose & mouth as he sneezed. Afterwards he sniffled and blew his nose into the tissue. It was really wet and loud!

I think he's actually come down with a proper cold! Whilst I feel sorry for him (he looks so ill - eyes watery and red!), I also am really happy that he's ill because I love men when they're like this!!!


Just thought I'd let you know (couldn't contain my excitement!)

Tam xx

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fingers crossed Tamsin that he is all sneeze in the meeting tomorrow! it should keep u amused all through :blink:

great ob :bleh:

ow and Fab ob on your part too Baraka,

poor him with his cold but great for you :nasty:

ow dear ow dear this has got alittle confusing! lol

i was wondering why someone had poped a ob at the end of yours!

i get it now!

Late at night and head is dead after trying to read macbeth! lol

love the second part of the ob :naughty: thanks so much for sharing

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No probs Sneeze-e

I'm still confused about why my post came under Baraka's heading though... how do I go about contacting the admin ppl?

EDIT: Oh wait hang on, my housemate has just owned up to me. You know the person I'm always talking about - the lass who is always sneezing? She's Baraka.


She says she was just doing it 'for a laugh'...

Must've left her account logged in, and I didn't realise.

Dude that was freaky...! :blink: I was getting spooked for a second!!

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Tam, lucky lady !

A man in that condition, together with you in your car, and in a boring meeting ....

Damn you cannot guess how I do enjoy such moments. Ad a business suit and some real handkerchiefs and YES ... my wildest dreams !

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He's really good looking too! Early 40s, tall and slender, short medium-brown hair, blue eyes... his hobbies include cycling and climbing, so he's also pretty fit! Like I say...I wish he wasn't married!

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