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Buh. So I believe I've posted about him before, but I have a little Asian friend who is short, insane, and pretty damned cute. He's very sociable and hilarious, and has a Thai accent that comes and goes. He happens to have a girlfriend, but wtf-ever, this was still enjoyable XD

He'd asked me to draw him a picture for an upcoming hall event that he's managing, and came into my dorm to harass me about it and visit in general. We talked for a bit and he plopped himself down in a chair next to me to watch me draw as I pulled Photoshop open. I'm not one of those people who really cares if others watch me draw, so I was like "Whutev." and didn't pay much attention to him.

Of course, half-way through he started sniffling, and making little odd noises. I gave him a funny look and was like, "Wtf?" And he told me he'd held his nose and swallowed because he was going to sneeze. Of course you know I was thinking, ".__.;; No need, really!" but outwardly I just kind of laughed it off.

Aaand of course he did it a few more times, I swear it was like he was fucking with me XD I was so about to smack him and tell him to just do it, but all of a sudden he goes, "Uh oh..." And got up very quickly and moved behind me where there was more open space. I didn't turn around to watch him, as he has horrible allergies and I've seen him do it a million times before, but I was greeted with a very lovely "HUH'EISSHHoo!" from behind. He's small and wiry, but he has these huge, deep sneezes that just please me senseless.

I blessed him, and he thanked me. No more, unfortunately, as he left shortly after that, but rawr! Yes, you can come watch me draw any time if you're going to be doing THAT nonsense :blink:

Oh, hah, and editted to add that he asked me for a tissue afterwards, which I found ALL too damned adorable, and of course supplied. ...from my roommate's box :bleh:

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He swallowed his sneezes? What a waste, because it sounded absolutely lovely! Glad you finally got one! Although, if I was doing something, like writing, it would have distracted me terribly! :P Thanks for sharing!

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