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Another library male-obs!


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So I was in the library again today, sitting in a sofa in the back of the room, doing my Swedish homework, when a guy at a near table suddenly sneezed a rather moist sounding “Eeh-ESHHUUH!”.

He’s an old classmate of mine (I *think* I have written an obs about him before, actually), dark, short hair, big, brown eyes, very charming and funny.

Aaand...he’s got this big, gorgeous nose that always seems to be tickling :P Whenever I see him he’s rubbing his nose. He presses his nose onto his palm and moves it around hard and fast, sometimes so hard that I fear he’ll give himself a nosebleed. :laugh:

Anyway... As soon as he sneezed, he started to rub his nose in his usual over-violent way, sniffling very loudly. He had his eyes closed, and his upper lip was slightly curled, so I could see his front teeth. After a good five seconds of this, he took a huge, hissing breath inwards and sneezed again, a sharp “KESSHHOO!” into his left hand. Then he wiped his hand on his jeans and looked around at his friends, looking quite pleased with himself. :twisted:

I didn’t dare to bless him, so I just hid myself behind my notebook, hoping that no one would notice my face burning up. :laugh::laugh:

Oh, yes, library sneezes are the best! :twisted:

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Mmmm, mmmmm, mmmmmm! I am so loving these library obs! ***Note to self-Start hanging out at College Libraries*** :twisted: Thank you so much for another one, VoOs! Very yummy indeed! I liked how he seemed pleased with himself afterwards. Although, probably not as pleased as you were with it! Right? :P

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