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2 bf sneezes (m)


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It had been just over a week since R revealed to me that he figured out my fetish, and he has not done much sneezing since. Just my luck eh? I have only in fact only seen ONE sneeze since we spoke about it, the other one I only heard. But both times make a good story, so I thought I'd share.

The other night we were eating dinner at my place, and he was holding an empty bowl with a fork in it in his lap. We were sitting on my bed... (I know... lovely manners :laugh:) and he had only JUST finished his last mouthful. I was in the middle of telling him a story, when he quickly turned his head away from me and sneezed a deep-sounding "HUHhasshhoo!" into his left hand.

Since this was the first time he has sneezed in front of me in person since we discussed my fetish, I had kind of been waiting for this moment to see what his 'after-sneeze' reaction towards me would be. As it turned out, he was momentarily more concerned with staring at his hand to see if he accidentally sprayed any pasta out!! :laugh:

Meanwhile, I had stopped in mid-sentence to stare at him and enjoy the moment. It took him a second, then what had just happened seemed to hit him in an instant, and he snapped his head around to look at me. I looked straight in the eye, an intensely devious expression all over my face, and his whole body actually jerked in surprise! :laugh: As he jumped, he accidentally knocked his fork out of his empty bowl and it clattered noisily to the floor, adding to the hilariousness of the moment. Laughing at his own clumsiness, he said “You look like you’re going to attack me!” ...haha, very well spotted, I couldn’t wait to leap into his lap and start kissing him, since I no longer have to be subtle about it! :lol:

The second sneeze happened this morning. Since I had an afternoon and night shift at work, R came over to my place early in the morning so we could hang out. Unfortunately when he knocked on the door I still had a bunch of mess in the apartment (plates and clothes on the floor and so on… :blushing: ) and so I called out for him to hold on a sec. About 10 seconds later he sneezed right outside my door, a nice “Hehuuhsheeww!!”

I did the speediest clean up ever and let him in. Smirking, he asked me “did you hear me sneeze outside?” I started grinning and nodded a yes, then asked him what had been going through his mind when he sneezed. He replied coyly “ohh… I had a bit of a smile to myself, and wondered if you heard it. If only you had let me in….” he finished off with an evil grin, guessing exactly how much I DID wish I had let him in! :laugh:

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Whoa, very cool! There is nothing else like that moment after they sneeze, and then slowly realize that it just turned you on! I've had a few of those moments, and they are priceless! That was so cute when he said, “You look like you’re going to attack me!” I know for sure I've given that look to my hubby many times since telling him about it. :blushing:

And sometimes those ones that you only get to hear are adorable, too! Hubby's done that to me a few times, and kind of like how R sounded, my hubby would say to me, "Did you hear that?"

Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to many more fun stories now that he knows! :laugh:

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OMG, he's adorable! :laugh: He's reaction when he realized he'd just turned you on... LOVELY! :blushing: You're one lucky gal, Aisha :laugh: Thanks for sharing!

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How great for you two that he knows about the fetish now! I think it's wonderful that he's embracing it with such enthusiasm. Aisha, I LOVE your obs about your boyfriend! Thanks so much for sharing them!!! :laugh:

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Too cute!!!!

I got one too this morning. I haven't heard M sneeze in some time and this morning, I woke up and realized that I lost my nose ring (tiny lil diamond) in the middle of the night, so I had to go looking for it. M was trying to help me find it and we were moving everything, and it was dusty (according to him). So, he is standing next to me as I am putting it in and he takes in that deep breath and follows through with this gorgeous "Huu-AAACHHoooo" :wub: it was good morning.

Glad to see you got some since he figured you out :laugh:

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Aw, thankyou everyone! :wub:

I'm really glad you guys enjoyed! :turban:

I love sharing these experiences with everyone here, who else would understand how one action can totally make our day?! :turban:

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I've only told two of my friends who are female and they almost never sneeze so I've never really experienced an after-sharing sneeze reaction. I can't wait for it to happen to me. And that's so cute when he was asking if you'd heard it. :)

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