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Unlucky Friday the 13th


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It was a dusty day at work.

I work with a lot of paper, much of it perforated. The dust content of paper is high with a lot of particles floating through the air. Some of this dust finds a home in my nasal passages. The particles conspire to tickle me into sneezing. This was especially true on Friday the 13th.

About 11AM, I felt the first twinges of a tickle and rapidly went into a buildup of panting hitched breaths. The buildup escalated to a crescendo. I thought this is it – a SNEEZE SUPREME! Did I want to “supersize” this sneeze? Oh yes! But alas my sneeze was arrested and went to jail. AARRGH!!!. . .I was cursing and stomping (outside in solitude so no one saw my tirade). I felt burning tickles off and on all day, but could not sneeze..

FINALLY. . .I sneezed this morning. Twice. Good sneezes, but nothing to write home about.

How was your “lucky Friday”?

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Awe! It's too bad you lost your sneeze. Yesterday I wasn't particularly sneeze either, but I did sneeze a few times, and only had one lost sneeze (which came out about a 1/2 hour later.) So I wouldn't say that Friday the 13 was UNLUCKY for me, but it certainly wasn't lucky.

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Well, since this happens all the time to me, and it happened like 4 times yesterday, I guess I feel your pain! Glad you finally sneezed, though, I still haven't! :wub:

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Glad you finally got them out :hug: Bless you! And thanks for sharing this. It was veeery yummy :laugh:

I was sneezing quite a lot yesterday, since I'm getting a cold, but lucky for me, none of them stuck :wub:

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