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look at them dusty old boxes.. AND A COLD????


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yes, ive been moving from michigan to Tennessee. We started unpacking our shit when we got here.. and my room was SUPER dusty. i started unpacking stuff when i noticed a scarf in a box from an old friend of mine. i remembered that it smelled REAL good, just like he did. so i sniffed it to see if it still smelled like my friend (yeah im wierd like that) well it didnt smell like my friend at all:blink: i got a nose full of dust instead :omg: so i threw the scarf on the floor and coughed a couple of times. then i crinkled and rubbed my nose, and held the presneeze face for a couple of seconds... then ::Etshchew:: a light misty spray all over. yay. lol. so i didnt sniff the scarf again needless to say... well for now anyways :innocent:

lately ive also had a mild cold. not the kind that hit u hard and pass quickly mind u. oh no, this one has to take its lovely time trotting on threw my weak ass immune system. this cold has also been making me sneeze twice (though i dont consider them doubles) i will sneeze once (with a 4 second build up) then about 15- 20 seconds later, the 2nd one will come. its quite amazing. lol. the 2 sneeze episodes happen about 5 times a day (more than that usually but thats an average) and theyre wet. i hope this damn cold progesses soon.. then again... :twisted: i get to see kam in a couple of days for the first time.. so this might be the opportune moment to get more sneezy in public.. just to see what he says :innocent:

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