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Friend's Cold (F)


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This is an obs about my friend who is 21, very slim with beautiful red hair and sparkling blue eyes. She has had a bit of a cold recently.

She one of a group I usually sit with in lectures. Some of my friends and I were already sitting down and as she comes up to us she announces “Sorry if you catch anything from me, I’ve got this stupid cold.” Half way into the lecture, she sneezed once, stifling into a tissue, “He-Tshhhhh.” It was powerful, throwing her forward over the desk. I blessed her and she thanked me. Then she commented, "This is ridiculous. I don't do being ill!"

Later that day, many people in my year had to go to a talk. There were hundreds of students and I did not know where my friend with the cold was. From across the crowded room I heard a loud, “He-CHYOOO!” I thought I recognised the sneeze and looked where I thought the sound came from, and sure enough, there she was! I can’t believe I could recognise her from her sneeze!

The next day, she sat next to me in lectures again. I have noticed that whenever she is ill (even though she claims she "doesn't do being ill!" :twisted: ) , she is always very careful to sneeze into tissues. She suddenly started rooting around for tissues, so I knew a sneeze was coming.

It came quicker than she thought as she sneezed openly over her file and desk, “Hu-TYOOO!”

She muttered “For fuck’s sake!” and then brought the tissue to her face and sneezed again, “He-CHYOOO!”

Later she sneezed one last time, “He-TSHHH” into her tissue.

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That was all, very, very, yum. Thanks for sharing *nod* your friend has actually quite the cute and funny and irretable reactions that I like :dead:

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