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I've been working this new job for a couple of weeks and I spend at least a couple of hours everyday making photocopies (super hard work, let me tell you). I've noticed that everytime I make copies I sneeze at least a couple of really strong sneezes. Am I allergic to the copy machine? Wouldn't that be a shame :twisted:

Take today for example; I'm standing there as the papers come out and as soon as I smell the hot paper my nose starts to run. I sniffed and rubbed it a couple of times but I knew I was going to sneeze. I took a couple of shallow breaths and managed to stifle the first one almost silently "hehhmph" Oh such a bad idea! The second one was one of those three syllable monsters that hurts your throat. "HEeeh Ahhh Cheeeww!"

This repeats almost every single time I make copies...kind of freaking me out. Thankfully, my office is off by itself so I can sneeze without drawing a lot of attention to myself.

Anybody else allergic to their job?

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All my job does is give my migraines :dead:

Bur your obs sounds cute, wonder what it is... I love the smell of paper, new, old, hot, mmmmm.... paper (now change the word 'paper' to something a bit more interesting and see how that sentence works :lol: )

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Hot paper make my nose itch. However, since it is usually indoors, I can't sneeze, due to the lack of sun. So I guess you are not the only one matilda. :twisted: Cute obs, just for the record. :twisted:


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