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A couple of Male obs at work


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So, I mentioned Scott in a previous obs, when we were both on break. He's the cutie with the sandy blond hair, gray-blue eyes, and shy personality. Well, he happened to be on a register that was right next to the service desk last night, and boy was I glad I worked the desk last night! :lol: Not too long after I got there, I heard his very soft sneeze, and then saw him sniffling and rubbing at his nose. It was so soft, I only barely heard it, but I knew it was him. And I was too far away to say anything, so I let it go. So, later on, I was helping a customer at my desk, and Scott decided to venture away from his register, and he went right over by the paint area to look at some rollers, which gave me an extra nice view! I was watching him out of the corner of my eye while I was on the phone with the credit card company, when he threw his arm over his nose, and sneezed into the crook of his elbow (One of Sneesee's favorites!!! :dead: ), "Huh-chiiissshhhh!" I was already watching him, but my customer turned his head and stared. Scott caught us both looking at him, hung his head down and walked back over to his register. Poor guy looked embarrassed, but it was so damn cute, I couldn't help but stare!! I have a new little favorite at work again, YAY!!!!

The second obs was a customer, and I only got to hear it. But, after hearing this guy sneeze, when he did finally leave the store, I knew exactly who it was!! So, I was working on my report, and generally being bored last night, when a few aisles over I heard a loud, masculine, "UH-ASSSSHHHUH!" My ears perked up and I waited for more, and was lucky enough to get a second one right away, louder than the first, but a similar sounding, "UH-AAASSHHHHUUUH!" It was such a gorgeous, full-bodied sound, because I knew it was kind of far away from me, yet I could hear it pretty clearly. At first, I was afraid I'd never see who sneezed, but then a guy and his SO were walking out of the store, when he suddenly stopped and had a coughing fit right in front of the returns desk. I recognized him as a customer that comes in a lot, and think I even wrote an obs about him a LONG time ago, when he was sneezing and sniffling at my desk once. Cute and very nice guy. poor thing sounded like he had a bit of a cold! Did I ever mention I love FAll and Winter? :lol:

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Yummy yummy Sneesee. Both of these are great and Scott sounds adorable and hot. :dead: Looking forward to reading lots more about sexy sneezy cashier #2. :lol:

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Both obs are wonderful, but I especially like the Scott obs. He sounds adorable!!! Oh, and the sneezing into the elbow thing ... LOVE IT!

I can't wait to hear more obs form our little Scotty!

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oooh... sounds like Mr. favourite-head-cashier has a rival... :P Lovely obs Sneesee, how cute that Scott was embarrased!! Aww!

And your customer has a bit of a cold eh? Poor thing indeed! :innocent::lol:

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