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This is an observation, but it is also just a funny story.

On Saturday night, R and I went to see the movie “Thank you for Smoking”. We had some time beforehand, so we decided to go to this kebab shop down the road to get some food. Ok, actually it wasn’t that simple, we kind of walked up and down the streets for a good 20 minutes while I tried to decide what I wanted to eat. The fact that I was being so fussy about what food I wanted is significant a bit further on, as you will soon see. :innocent:

SO, we had just finished eating and were grabbing some clean napkins from the counter. R had a handful of napkins in one hand and was holding his bag in the other when he needed to sneeze. Instead of using the napkins to cover, he made the bizarre decision so save the napkins by holding them at arms length away from him. With his arm held out like this, he quickly turned to the side away from me and sneezed into his bare arm. Except…it was more ONTO his arm. :P It sounded like “heh-hshoo!”

I didn’t say anything, but started smirking inwardly, knowing once again he had momentarily forgotten my fetish. But then a minute or so passed, so I decided he had probably just forgotten it altogether this time. Since he was already talking to me about buying movie tickets, there was no reason to bring it up. But…as we were walking out of the shop, he turned to me with this devious grin and said in a very meaningful tone…

“So, are you… satisfied??

As I had not been expecting him to remember, this kind of caught me by surprise, and I let out this little scream and started laughing at myself, and at the fact that I WAS "satisfied". Then suddenly I realised… Hahaha… he had been talking about the FOOD. :lol::laugh: His tone was supposed to imply that after all that trekking up and down the street, I had better have liked what he eventually chose!

BUT… too late!! As soon as he saw MY overreaction to his comment, he realised what I thought he had meant! He absolutely doubled over in laughter. All the way walking back to the cinema we were giggling like children, R can be so LOUD sometimes, I think we both got quite a few stares. It was just too funny to be overly embarrassing, though I did yell at him through my giggling “Well, what did you THINK I’d take that as? Are you satisfied indeed!!” I started doing an exaggerated impression of the tone he used when he asked me, and he kept trying to say “I forgot about your thing!” but I kept making him laugh so he could hardly get it out. Then, every time I started breathing normally again, R would say to me through his laughing “Are you… hahaha… SATISFIED??” and it would set us off all over again. :laugh:

Then later, after the movie, R was catching the train with me back to my place to make sure, in his words “no weirdos try to sit with you”. :innocent: As we were getting on though, he did this ridiculous stumble over his own feet and made himself look like a complete goof! Not letting it slide, I teased him, saying “and you were worried about weirdos on the train… you ARE the weirdos on the train!” To which he couldn’t help cracking up and attracting even more attention to himself. :lol: To get me back, he spluttered out through his laughter, “Are you… SATISFIED??” to which I couldn’t help laughing all over again. Seriously, people must have thought we had taken crazy pills or something!! :lol:

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That was such a funny story. I bet you guys are going to be laughing about it for the next couple of weeks. :P

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:innocent: Can't...stop...laughing...can't breath... :lol:

That was such a CUTE and funny obs! *loves it* Thank you for sharing :P

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That's hilarious... it's happened to me and D so many times. He sneezes, and I act all embarrassed, and then he notices and says that he forgot about "that" :twisted: It's so cute!

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Very cute story, thanks Aisha! And trust me, I would have thought the same thing as you! I think it's only natural. It's just too bad they don't think about it quite the same way we do! :twisted:

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