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Sneezing fit in a class


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We sat down in the classroom and after several minutes there was a little bit of warm and humid.

So, we opened windows. Some cool breeze blew into the room and we felt refreshed.

But few minute later, I felt tickling in my nose and a sneeze coming. Well, my nose and bronchus are very sensitive, and I am actually easily and frequently sneezer (lucky for you!).

Anyway, the changing in temperatures is one of tirggeres which provoke me sneezing.

Even I often make sneezings, I don't want to sneeze in public. Usually I try to repress them or use my handkerchief.

That time I had no handkerchief! I forgot to bring it! It's uncommon for me.

So, at first I tried to breathe silently, then I rubbed my nose. They didn't work...

Then I blew my nose gently with tissues to reduce irritation in my nostrils. But it worked not so good, neither...

I felt my nose twitched widely and breathing became hard and hard.

I couldn't keep back sneezing any more. Just then, as our teacher asked us that we have any question or not, I gave sneezings in a row. "Hah-hah, hah-hah, hachoo! Achoo! Hachoo!!!" I only clapped my right hand to my mouth. And I gasped.

Of course, I had every eye fixed on myself. And they breathed me.

But that didn't the end. Next sneezing fit began, before I thanked my crassmates.

Without Handkerchief, I had to directly inhale cool air and suspended dust to nose with high speed. That made me more sneezings.

I went out the room and continued sneezings in the hall.

I was gripped by sneezing fits, so I don't remember how I sneezed exactly. But, I have sneezing fits like;

"Hah, hah, hah, hachoo! Hachoo! Haachooo! Haaachooo!! ....blew... hah-hah,

...blew... heh, heh, he... heschoo, schoo! Heschoo! Haaachooo!! blew... Haaa.... Haachooo!!" Continued...

I've been sneezing almost 40 minutes. At last, I visited our health centre and was offered a clean rest room, towels and some water. In there, I can sneeze calmly. Staffs know that I'm liable to have sneezing fits.

Finally, my sneezing attacks went away and I felt much better, even my red nose was sore and still irritant. And I could use my asthma spray.

When I have sneezing fits, I make violently and helpless sneezes in a row.

I make sneeze about 20 times per days. However, when I have a cold (I catch it often), it's strange weather, there are dust or pollen in the air, or there are something in particular, I should give more sneezes and sneezing fits.

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wow Lulu seems as though you are very sneezy. I sure would have enjoyed seeing that....anyhway hope your ok now. and many bless yous too

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Wow, you certainly seem to be a very sneezy person indeed. Welcome..........welcome. :twisted:

Many, many blesses to you dear. :twisted:

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Welcome..........welcome. :twisted:

That is something I would say! :twisted: Too cute Dawnie. Too cute! :naughty:

Bless you Lulu, and welcome!


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This is a very fine self obs; you certainly seem to be lovely and sneezy; I hope that you enjoy it, at least most of the time. But then, here you are on the forum, so you probably do.

And welcome to the forum. Bless you and bar.

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