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Guest Silhouette

So, I'm back at my computer after a weekend with my girlfriend in Stockholm, and a couple of busy days after that.

In a earlier obs I told You about her telling me that it was the beginning of sneeze season.

She was so right...

Started on Friday, I went to her place after school. After checking her horses, we went inside and sat down at her piano (I'm not only her boyfriend, I'm her piano teacher as well).

After just a few minutes, she let out a loud Ah-Chooo, in her usual way, without any warning given (sometimes I even doubt she's got a pre-sneeze face :angry: ).

Just a little while later, she did two more slightly stronger Heh-Chooo's. She sneezed no less than three times at dinner as well.

On Saturday we went up early, just had a quick breakfast (and one sneeze).

After just five minutes in the car, she sneezed again, a louder than usual Huh-Cheeew.

But the sneeze season really started when we got on the boat. We were watching V for Vendetta on a portable DVD-player, when she suddenly had a fit.

As usual, without even a pre-sneeze face, she let out a loud and very high-pitched Ah-Chooo, then turned to me smiling, before sneezing four more times right at me! :blushing:

Things slowed down a bit when we reached Stockholm, she did sneeze two times in the subway and once when we were walking around town, but not alot of sneezing until that night.

We'd had sushi, and were watching The day after tomorrow, when we for some reason started talking about sneezing from temperature changes.

If You've seen the movie, You know what the eye of the storm is. In the eye, the temperature drops more than 10ºF per second, making it possible for a person to be frozen solid without any time to get away.

Quite a temperature change... And in the first encounter with this eye of the storm, M sneezed right at me,

a very loud Heh-eh-Choooo, followed by a even more high-pitched Hah-tchoooo, and then yet another one, all three straight at me.

Just minutes later, when she got up from the coach, she took a few steps, then suddenly stopped, sneezed even louder than before, and turned to me and smiled, before proceeding to the bathroom.

She didn't sneeze as much at first on Sunday, one time while we were watching Leon, and two times when we where at Åhléns looking for some good movies on DVD.

We were supposed to go to a consert that night, but it had been cancelled, so I took her to the movie instead, we watched Click.

The movie hadn't even started yet when M sneezed the first time, a muffled Huh-tsch into a tissue. It was followed a couple of minutes later by another, slightly stronger Heh-choo, still into the tissue.

She had about four or five more of these small fits (2-4 sneezes) during the movie, and I daresay I watched her a lot more than Adam Sandler... :laugh:

I'm sorry I didn't post this sooner, if I had, this would be more detailed and well written.

This looks a bit like a boring "And then we got into the car, and then we went to the movie, and then..."-list.

Hope someone enjoys this anyway, I did. :laugh:

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