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Twins sneezes


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The day before yesterday I went to a cafe with my friends K and T. They are twins sisters.

I think they are identical twins, because they resemble each other closely, also their voice.

And they both have long-blond hair.

Well, that day, both of K and T had colds. They are living together,

and if one catches a cold, she usually gives it her sister.

They said that their colds were almost getting better, but they couldn't stop sniffing and sneezing.

Their looks are exactly like each other, but their sneezes are very different.

K sneeze, she breathes in silently and gives a feminine sneeze like "He-shoo!".

Then, normally one or two small sneezes follow, high-pitched, "Hi-chew, choo!"

As she makes sneezing, she covers her nose and mouth with a hand and turns her face to back.

That day she sneezed louder than usually, because of her cold.

T gives sneezing more noisily.

T usually build up to sneeze; "Haa... Haaa... Haaaa...." or "Hah-hah-hah...".

Until to let out the first sneeze, she need thirty or forty seconds .

She raises her hand in front of face, but doesn't cover her nose and mouth perfectly.

Therefore we can see that her nostril twitching and flared.

At last, she gives sneezing "Ahh-choo!!" Then sometimes another coming "Ahchoo! Achoo! Haachoo!"

She sneezes loud and violently. She usually sneeze only single or double.

When she has a cold, she gives sneezing 5-10 times in a row. It's a little fuss!

The last sneezes of a fit, she almost gasps. I can good understand about it.

Well, in there, I made a couple of sneezing without any reason. (I'm very sneezy person.)

However, It was nothing matter. K and T did a sneezing chorus.

It seemed that T had a worse cold, but actually K was as ill as T.

Both of them have no allergies and they are not sneezy people.

Only when they have colds, they suffer severe symptoms on nose.

Take care.


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WoW cool! I always knew twins didn't have the same sneeze. Consistent with my philosophy of a sneeze as a soul imprint :P

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If I had been there when you three ladies had your fits, I would have...uhm....never mind. :winkkiss:


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Very interesting observation. I've often wondered about twins and how similar their sneezes could be, especially identical ones. Though I have known twins, I' ve never been able to compare sneezes.

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