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That Train Obs (A 5-sneeze day) (m)


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R. and I went to a show in London and we walked around and saw all the stands etc.... then I went to the bathroom, which was up some stairs. Just as I was coming back down the stairs I spotted him as he sneezed ACHOO! into his white hankie. Naturally I hurried up a bit, as he usually sneezes in twos (watch out for my statistical analysis of his sneezes since 2003 to determine the exact chances of getting a second sneeze after the first sneeze... ) ... anyway.... as I approached, the hoped-for second sneeze appeared, a little louder and more violent as usual... AHHHHCHSCHOOO! - into his hankie again.

Now I had a real dilemma. Of course I was dying to bless him but I wasn't sure if I had been too far away when he sneezed!

So I was agonising over this as I approached him but luckily he solved the problem for me by saying, very cutely, "Sorry - bit of a sneeze there!" Which gave me the perfect opportunity to put my arms around his neck, gaze into his eyes and say, "Bless you, darling," before kissing him thoroughly on his adorable sneezy mouth.

That would have been enough to make my day... but there was more! For one thing he kept saying how hot I felt and that he thought I had a fever and was coming down with something - I wasn't (unfortunately) - was just hot, but it was very cute anyway that he thought I might be getting a cold or something - gave me plenty to think about!... and then...

...After the show we had a walk around and ended up in a bar where we found a comfy sofa and got a couple of beers. I was snuggled up to him nice and close when he said one of my favorite things, "I'm going to sneeze!" He managed to pull his hankie out of his pocket in time to sneeze a half muffled HAAACHUFFFF! into it. I snuggled even closer and blessed him. The second sneeze was even better. AAAATISCHOOFFF! into the hankie again but this time so strong that little me, snuggled against his shoulder, felt a gust of sneeze-air reverberating off his hankie and onto my cheek. "Bless you honey," said me, and he replied, "Excuse me," (he's ever so polite :laugh:)

The final and perhaps most adorable sneeze of the day was on the train home. There was a mess-up with the line and we had to get a connection that was totally packed. We were standing up and literally pressed up against each other and surrounded very closely by strangers. I was teasing him by undoing his shirt and touching his tummy to make him shy, and such like, and fantasising about how great it would be if he sneezed when we were huddled so close together, when he made my day again... "I'm going to sneeze," he said quietly... he tried to reach his pocket for his hankie but it wasn't easy as we were squeezed up so tight to so many people, so he gave up and sneezed into his hand instead, unfortunately because but for his hand there he would have sneezed directly down my front. We were so close together that as he sneezed his cute, restrained ACHOO! he bumped his forehead against my nose :laugh: he excused himself as usual ... I was nearly speechless with delight but managed to bless him and hugged and kissed him... what a great sneeze to end the day off....!

That was the best day I've had for ages, and those were just random sneezes... when he catches a cold he is even sneezier - lucky me! :laugh:



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Wow, he sounds like such a cute, sneezy guy! How lucky for you that they always come in twos, unless you are on a crowded train! :laugh: And I love that he couldn't get his hankie in time for that train sneeze, and that he sort of sneezed into you like that, nice! Thank you for finally sharing this whole observation with us! :laugh:

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There you are; a fantabulous obs; not only a great sneezer, but one who announces beforehand, and fails to get out his white hankie in time. Better out then in, eh?

I look forward to the statistical analysis. Will there be diagrams?

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Yes, please, diagrammes and statistical analyses! These two observations were very interesting and I'm looking forward to hearing more about both - though I am not quite sure who R and S are. But that is not really important!

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Wow! Thankyou so much for posting that, I really enjoyed it!

Its so cute that you enjoy blessing him like that, I also love saying bless you to my bf (who is also an "R"...hehe ;)) but most of the time I'm way too shy to say it. :shy:

Your experience sounds wonderful, how CUTE that he announces his sneezes beforehand AND excuses himself afterward! :laugh:

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yea I love blessing too...and I think it was really cute how he was trying to take care of you, and how he thought that you might be getting sick..I love a guy that wants to take care of his girl..and the other way around :shy: but it is so cute when a guy cares like that. Thanks for sharing.

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