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Ok, I wanted to write for quite some time, but I've been so exhausted beyond belief that I just didn't have the time... but I think maybe it's proper I catch up now albeit 3:30 in the morning... :D

First observation was earlier this week, I was at the HQ office of one of our clients. On the scale of small Israel, this company is big. They do fashion, clothing for babies, kids, teens, men, women, accessories, the lot. To fit their line of work, they have gorgeous offices, I felt like I'm on some sort of hip TV set, it was all so fizzing with coolness, I absolutely loved the design and I was thrilled to be spending some time out of our falling-apart offices hehe (our office is literally falling apart, thank god we're moving to a new building soon). So while I was soaking the atmosphere and mixing it up I was introduced to some of the girls I work with over the phone, which is somehow always fun. You know, putting a voice to a face.

Now me, I like people, I do. I was really all peppy to meet these girls for the first time and they did not disappoint, it was a collection of fashionably dressed young ladies who all scored high on the cute meter. I was all "so where do I sign up?" :lol: and let me tell you, I was really hoping to catch at least one sneeze out of any of them.

It was Keren that made me day. She's short, probably around 1.60m, and unlike most of the girls I saw there, she wasn't skinny or thin, but she was also not fat, she was well rounded and sort of cute in a chipmunk raccoon-ish way. Just one of those people I'd like to cuddle I guess. Long story short, she's a sweet looking happy go lucky sort of girl. I was standing by someone's desk, Keren and her designer crew were at the studio room next to us, and as I waited I looked at them all bending at a computer screen talking about something or other when suddenly Keren blasts this relatively loud surprised sounding sneeze HAATSHOOOO! the real fun part about it was how bouncy and unexpected it sounded, she really was caught offguard. While I wasn't staring at her at the time, I could see a fumbly hand placed on her face to catch it and how she recovered from it, since it sort of threw her forward. There was a round of bless-yous voiced from several of the girls which I don't remember if she aknowledged or not, but just a few seconds later she sneezed again, this time way more prepaired for it, a quieter softer "Haeshoo".

Sadly, no more sneezes there, but I continued my day at my falling-apart office. I'm training an understudy since I start school (this Sunday, shock and yeay at the same time!) and she has children, 2 young children. And what do children do? catch and pass on colds, especially this time of year. So, she came to work with a slight cough and a very light sniffle. On one hand, I hated the thought of sharing a phone and a computer with someone who is a potential bio hazard, on the other, she did sneeze twice during the day, singles soft "huutschuh" souding which I was sort of pleased with. I blessed her, she thanked me, it's all good :laugh:

Fastforward (despite a few other sneezes) to today. I went out with my friends to a cafe. My ex-girlfriend was there and poor baby has a cold, so she was sniffling and blowing her nose all evening long. She also knows how hyper-sensitive I can be about my germophobia and teased me a few times about how she promises to not breathe in my direction. Surprisingly, it wasn't her who sneezes (but we'll get back to what she did do in a second). My friend A sat to my right, really tall guy, short dark brown hair, greenish eyes. He's a sweetheart, but I don't find him attractive one bit (sorry A!). I have seen him sneeze a few times, but he's definitely not a frequent sneezer so it's kind of a nice "rare" addition to the sneeze database in my head when he does ;) Me and 2 other female friends were talking while A was actually involved in the conversation on the other side of the table when he suddenly cupped both hands over his nose and mouth in prayer position and really quickly let out a loud sounding "HASHAAAAAA!". Previous records of my sneeze database indicate - his normal sneeze :laugh: I'm fond of his sneeze, has something very solid about it. Me and my 2 female friends all stopped to bless him, and while when we don't bless him he points it out to us (normally we reply that we did and he didn't hear us, which really is the case :bleh: ) This time nor did he say thank you (which he normally does) and nor did he call us on not blessing him (which we all did). Not sure what to file that under...

Now, about my fiesty ex. We spent the 3-4 hours of sitting at that cafe talking about sex, that's us, your not so typical group of 20something year olds just rambling away about turn ons, turn offs, props, first times and what not... when my ex sort of surprised me with saying she has a nose fetish. Something I was never aware of. This sort of interested me, since our fetishes compliment each other, but I dare not share mine just yet, still, it's far more quirky, don't you think? But at the end of the evening when we were all saying our goodnights, I just couldn't resist bringing it up one more time. So I have my arms on her shoulders since I was coming from behind her and since we just went down some stairs and I move to her side in a bit of a hug and say "so... I gotta ask... how does my nose rate on your scale?" she turned around to face me and ran her finger from the bridge of my nose to the tip of it and says "I love your nose, it's so cute" then she pressed the tip of my nose and told me it's soft. I twitched my nose on purpose, sort of "squinting" it (oh you know what I mean, not a wiggling it...) while she still had her finger on it and the she enthusiastically said "ooooh I love it when you do that" and I said :innocent: innocently "yeah?" and she said "do that again" so I did... meh... :blushing: just couldn't resist... Anyway while there was no sneezing on this last part, it got me thinking so I figured I'd share... hope you don't feel like I've wasted your time :laugh::laugh:

Right, that's about it... :shy: hopfully more to come once I start school. heck now that I think about that, yesterday I had 2 obs with a friend in my car, and we went to this lecture where a couple of girls sneezed byt since brainiac decided to sit in the front row I couldn't see much.... and I already managed to forget the exact sound since my mind has been pretty busy. I just need to make sure I get to call some of the shots when it comes to where we sit next time :laugh:

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I just realized I had my eyes shut for about 5 seconds which is way more than I normally take to blink, which means I really am falling asleep while sitting down and writing this. And between you and me, I feel silly whenever I fall asleep with the laptop in bed on me, so I'm gonna go to sleep now :laugh: ciao!

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I would definitley say it is safe to tell her about your fetish because if she felt comfortable telling you about her nose fetish...she prob. wont find yours weird at all...might even be willing to indulge you.

good luck!

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